2005 Audi A3 FSI 2.0L from South Africa


Great car apart from the rattles


The only problem with this car are the rattles. From day 1 I have had rattles from the rear seats and hatch-back door pillars. I have taken it back to the Dealer 3 times for this, but they cannot fix it, they say it's a known fault. I have spoken to various other owners who have the same problem.

General Comments:

I like the responsive power, it has a smooth power curve and feels sporty.

The ride is comfortable and the seats hold you in position.

There is plenty room in the back for passengers even though it is a coupe, I have had a full car on a few occasions while driving over 1000km and everyone has been comfortable.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2006

2005 Audi A3 Special Edition 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Well done Audi, Keep up the good work


Recall notice to replace steering rack, Nothing else.

General Comments:

I decided to go for the 1.6 as it was a special edition that came with the free climate control and reduced list price over the standard 1.6.

The engine is perfectly fine around town, but on the open road the engine needs to be worked hard. 4th and 5th gear has not got much pulling power, but it is a heavy solid vehicle. The car can pull away surprising quick in the lower gears. This suits me fine as I live in the city. Now that it’s getting warmer, I also find that with the climate control on its lowest setting, it does seem to affect slightly on engine performance. I’m sure this issue is addressed in higher power models. Overall I’m getting around 36 mpg.

The cabin in the car is excellent, every thing has a solid feel about it, and is very clearly laid out. The seats are supportive and the Driver information system is an excellent system, that checks bulbs, fluid levels, tyre pressure and that will highlight any problems with the systems on board everything the car is started up.

This is overall an excellent car, it drives smoothly, and handles well with just the standard non- sport suspension. Its has a very solid feel about it inside, outside and on the road, I would without a doubt recommend and consider another Audi in the future. Well done Audi, keep up the good work.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2006

2005 Audi A3 SE 2.0 FSI from UK and Ireland


Unreliable nightmare


In the first five weeks of ownership the following have gone wrong.

Car has cut out and refused to start 4 times now, leaving me stranded until the Audi Recovery service took the car back to dealer. Every time I’ve been told the car has had the computer repaired, reprogrammed and replaced. I feel uncomfortable driving the car as I don’t know if the car is going to let me down once again.

Steering from day one has made a grinding noise, dealer has told me they know what the problem is and are awaiting parts, thats now been four weeks and still not fixed.

The annoying seat belt warning light and chime remains on even when I have fastened my seat belt, awaiting parts.

Radio works, but wont play CD’s.

Everything else is working at the moment.

General Comments:

I have had my A3 for just over a month now, and its been a complete nightmare. I live out off town and can’t rely on the car to get me to and from work. I’m driving an 8 year old fiat punto, until my claims of rejecting this car are met.

I cannot really comment on how the car drives as I’ve spent less than a week in it, the rest of the time the car has been on a back off a tow truck or in the garage awaiting repairs. Also I’ve noticed that too many parts in the bonnet are branded Volkswagen. Even the stamp in the metal around the suspension reads VW.

This is my first and last Audi, it’s a shame that Audi allow sub standard products damage a name I once had faith in.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2006

17th Feb 2006, 04:20

Yea my car has the noise from the steering column, but Audi want to test drive the car for an hour with me in it, before they will replace it, You can clearly hear the noise once you pull off, so why do they want an hour in the car, time I don’t have and fuel I am not prepared to waste.