1995 Audi A4 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


A great first car with amazing handling


The cruise control was broken when I first received the car.

The previous owner has scraped all 4 rims quite badly.

There is a somewhat noticeable moment in the transition between 3rd-4th gear where the RPM rises quite high (only the driver would notice).

The front left mud guard has snapped (but stays in place).

When I first purchased the car, the battery had run flat.

Another thing that I personally dislike about this car is that there isn't much in the way of aftermarket alterations that I can cheaply modify my car with (for example, tail lights)

General Comments:

I'm a learner driver, and as my first car, I find it to be an extremely fun car to drive, because unlike most other cars that I have driven, I can feel the acceleration, it's incredibly easy to handle, and practically drives itself.

Although there are some problems with the car, they are insignificant compared the overall sturdiness and reliably of this vehicle.

For its age, its appearance could easily fool anyone into believing it's a 2002+ model.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2011

1995 Audi A4 2.6L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


A superb car!


Key reader was broken when I bought it at 121,000km - AU$460 to fix

Left CV joint started to make noises at 130,000km - AU$800 to fix

Oil pressure switch broke and put oil everywhere - AU$400 to fix & clean (AU$30 for the part, rest for labour)

Fixed at the Audi dealer.

General Comments:

This is an excellent car, value for money. People have complemented me on this car, and it looks a lot newer and more expensive than it really is.

The car handles really well, isn't too bad on petrol 11L/100km, is comfortable to drive in, looks great (especially with 18" RS4 rims) and overall build quality is superb. It drives smoothly over the horribly bumpy roads around my house at high speeds.

I started getting this car serviced at a cheaper generic European car place, but their jobs were some what dodgy, and used low quality parts, thus had to be serviced more frequently than just going to the Audi dealer. At the end I just ended up going to the dealer as they had excellent service.

I've added in an Alpine iDA-X100, with 6 stacker MP3/CD and bluetooth module, matches the interior decor better than the stock standard radio it came with, especially with the all red lighting (AU$1000 all up from ebay).

For remote locking, added in a Votex remote locking kit, which was around AU$300, this plugs straight into the central locking pump and closes all windows when locked, unlike cheap generic kits around.

The only real problem I had with this car, was that it got vandalised when I parked in Adelaide, some one jumped all over the car causing AU$9500 worth of damage, and the insurance company called it a write off.

My next car will definitely be another Audi A4.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2008

1995 Audi A4 SE 2.6 V6 from UK and Ireland


A strong car, brilliant engine, great build quality, but let down by flawed suspension


Steering rack failed at 100,00 miles after drinking power steering fluid for three months.

Suspension arms have been changed repeatedly, but still knock, a design flaw in the car.

CV joint has failed and no 2 is on the way out.

Drive shaft gaiters have split twice.

Strange groaning noise occasionally when going round right hand bends and no one can figure out why this happens.

Interior seat trim getting a bit tatty.

General Comments:

The A4 has serious front suspension issues, make no mistake, if you buy a high mileage one around about 100,000 miles be prepared to pay through the nose in repairs.

The 2.6 V6 is a peach, a bucket load of torque and strong acceleration, hills don't exists anymore, overtaking is too easy, good Q car.

Body is very solid.

Interior build quality is superb, after owning a Saxo VTS it's a different world, a very strong car.

It under-steers like most Audi's too.

On the whole though, for £2500 it was a bit of a bargain for the power and luxury you get, getting a bit expensive in suspension bits though.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2005