1995 Audi A4 SE 2.6 V6 from UK and Ireland


To sum up the A4; it's a nice expensive ride


Rear brake caliper failed.

Electric windows don't always close; instead they close, then reopen.

Sunroof opens in tilt mode whenever it feels like it.

Bonnet cable broke.

CV boots split every MoT.

Nasty creaking from the front bushes.

Ventilation selector knob slips; same as the Audi 80.

Dodgy cup holders.

Rear arm rest lid came off.

Rear ash tray lid came adrift.

Front ash tray sticks in or out.

General Comments:

I owned an Audi 80 before my A4, and I loved its build quality and reliability. This encouraged me to buy the A4.

But the A4 is unreliable, and costly to both run and maintain.

Having said all this, and in-spite of all the niggly bits, I really do love the drive.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2004

1995 Audi A4 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Really smart-looking, comfortable car that isn't perfect, but not bad at all


Oil leak -- seal replaced.

Left upper alloy control arm was replaced due to a worn ball joint. A common A4 problem, though surprisingly cheap enough to fix (NZ$110 for the part).

Bushing on the steering rack worn, but will be expensive to replace. Mechanic suggests to just leave it for now.

Central locking operation intermittent, couldn't determine the problem.

Front brake pads changed during first service post-purchase.

Other post-purchase repairs during servicing include a new cambelt and tensioner kit, CV boots, and dust caps.

The centre muffler baffle plate is loose and rattles; I'll leave it for now until a suitable replacement could be found cheap.

Takes a very long time for the engine to warm up in cold weather, possibly needs a new thermostat.

General Comments:

My second Audi automatic -- second-hand. Audi doesn't seem to know how to design an automatic transmission that shifts intuitively despite the fuzzy-logic circuitry, at least for the 1.8 20-valve engine. My friend's 2.6 automatic drove much better. Heck, for a 4-cylinder, a '90 Peugeot 405 GRi automatic felt like it had better response.

The addition of tilt-and-telescoping steering column is much appreciated, but seating position still not perfect (I'm 6' and long-legged).

I wonder why my previous '92 Audi 80 had split-folding rear seats, while this '96 A4 doesn't even have a single folding one.

A beautiful car, very well-proportioned. It looks smart and is solidly built. All my friends have good things to say about its looks.

Except for the auto transmission whose shift pattern you need to get used to, comfortable to drive. Not as much of an effort to drive as a BMW in heavy traffic, which is very welcome when you're coming home tired from work in traffic and heavy rain.

The dashboard is well-designed, a traditional Audi strength.

The automatic climate control works pretty well, though I usually turn the aircon compressor off to save fuel, unless it's raining and the windows fog up.

Outside mirrors are heated and fold electrically -- very handy.

These cars are getting more complicated -- I need to take it to the Audi dealer to calibrate the throttle valve potentiometer after getting the automatic gearbox serviced (the tranny place is usually able to adjust these things on other cars). Plus the central locking vacuum pump integrates the interior light delay circuit, which makes the thing difficult to diagnose.

All my four previous Audis have been fairly reliable, other than the little niggles or routine replacements like water pumps, and have never stranded me.

I'd buy another one, I just hope Audi has learned from that suspension control arm design fault. That, and they don't include too many unnecessary electronic gizmos which can only fail and be expensive to fix once the car's a few years old -- the only time we normal people can afford the cars.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2004

14th Nov 2008, 09:32

Split folding seats are an optional extra, you'll have to watch out for this when buying a second hand A4.