1997 Audi A4 1.8 standard petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A wonderful car to drive and own


Faults with my car have been few and far between.

The brake rotors and pads needed to be replaced after about 55,000 kilometers on the clock.

The tires need replaced every 10,000 kilometers, but that might be my driving.

The only really annoying problem I can find with this particular car is that when I put the headlights on, my right indicator comes on and stays on.

The only other problem is with the CD player, which is an Audi aftermarket version. It skips, says disks are dirty or damaged, or plays all CDs through normally depending on the day.

General Comments:

A fantastic car to own. It drives and handles well, and it's even better in wet weather. It's good on the Australian roads, and very fuel efficient on the motorway at 100 Kph. Normal road driving seems to affect the fuel economy, as does the type of fuel used. E10 (Ethanol) unleaded seems to be okay, but I'll get 20 to 30 more kilometers out of a 60 liter tank with standard unleaded or 40 to 50 extra K's with Premium fuel.

I've had this car about a year, and it's only needed $2,700 (AUD) worth of repairs in that time, being the brake rotors and pads. The five-speed manual gearbox is great, even for learners, but the clutch is wearing out slowly. It's got a good clutch, given how far up the foot has to come before the "bite", and has been in that state since I bought it.

All up, a fantastic car to own and drive.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2014

1997 Audi A4 2.8 V6 from North America


Expensive to own, but fun to drive...!


1. The car has been fairly reliable for the most part. The one item that kept on needing replacement were the control arms. I had replaced all 8 control arms ($1,200) in the front (yes Audi has 8 while most have 4). There were 2 more individual lower left and right control arm replacements. I think it is due to a design issue, along with the aluminum content, which makes it susceptible to damage.

2. Sunroof switch electricals are broken, but am not looking to replace.

3. Sun roof glide motion started to act erratically when the car was 9 years. Did not fix and left it in permanent close position.

4. Engine has been fantastic. It was the last the year of 12 valve V6 before it went to 24, and then on to 30 valves. No repairs on engine itself with the exception of water pump and timing belt. Both were replaced at 90K miles at $1,100/- ouch..!

5 The Quattro is simply out of this world. It rides like as if it is on rails during the winter months. No problems with transmission or AWD mechanicals. People are surprised when I tell them my mileage of 111K miles, and still on the original transmission.

6. Replaced clutch twice over the last 14 years.. peg it to wear and tear.

General Comments:

1. Expensive to own... but really fun to drive in both winter and summer. The drive feedback is amazing... I guess due to the complicated 8 control arm thing...:-) Driving the car along twisty roads in the fall period is something else. I have driven other more reliable Japanese makes... but get a dead feel. C.

2. The color of the car is black, and it has maintained quite well over the years. I get wonderful comments from other people at the car wash when the car is cleaned. The luster of the black shows quite well.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2011

1997 Audi A4 1.6 petrol from Portugal


Instruments lights always breaking, power steering tubes blow up, drivers window starting to fail, Audi alarm just died as the central locking, suspension arms (new) with a lot of noise.

General Comments:

A sporty sedan, but very uncomfortable for the passengers (at least with leather seats).

The electrics must by made in Italy, because something is always failing.

Front suspension always with some noises, even with new arms (not Audi).

It's a nightmare to maintain : everything is expensive (about 30% more than other brands).

One thing I have to say: it never stopped on the road.

About 200km/h max speed and 10/12 l/100k. It's always thirsty.

In summary: never again will I buy an Audi just because of maintenance prices. Too expensive and always something not working.

My Citroen was better in every way: cheaper to buy, better to maintain, more comfortable, faster in the city and motorway, and much more comfortable.

Actually own a Laguna 1.9 DTi from 99, and it's far away better than my A4. Maybe I was unlucky, but this is what I think of it.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2010