2009 Audi A4 Avant S Line 3.0 TDi from UK and Ireland


Expensive, but worth it!


Oil leaks.

EGR valve.

Various sensors.

Front arches a bit rusty, but it is over 13 years old now.

The car is kept looked after - all services are a must on these cars for reliability.

General Comments:

A4 estate car is very comfortable and fast - if you need the space of a family car but the performance and comfort of sports cars and not to be bored, this car is for you!

3.0 TDi performs very well. Fuel economy isn't great for diesel at a struggle to get 40 mpg, but the performance makes it worth it.

Interior is gorgeous, and still feels modern and high quality after all these years.

At this age and mileage you can buy them for cheap, but do not think you can repair them for cheap! Luckily my local mechanic is an ex Audi specialist, so I never have to go to a main dealer.

Just been a brilliant car, hope to have it many years more despite the age of it.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2023

2009 Audi A4 TFSI SE 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nice if you get a good one


Other than maintenance and essential items, this car has never given me any serious trouble. I have a local specialist who looks after mine and I get it serviced every year there, and I knew the previous owner who was very fussy (in a good way) and made sure the car got everything it needed from new. I bought used so cannot comment on its earlier years, but the last owner did say it was at the dealer initially in its first year for a repair under warranty for some electronic issues, but nothing major. As the car is over 10 years old now cosmetically there are some marks here and there, but no rust.

General Comments:

What an incredibly well put together car, this A4 is one of my favorites. Being a long time Audi fan, I will try to be objective in this review, this is my honest experience of this car.

SE model is nothing special, but has all the electrics you could want from a 2009 car. Seats are very comfortable, and I have come to prefer them over leather in the higher spec models. Inside in general is very comfortable for all and lots of room. Dashboard is very stylish and well laid out, everything is at hand, ergonomics are perfect for me at average height and weight. A common complaint, but the electronic handbrake I don't like (took months to get used to), but is no big deal once you are used to it - but I do much prefer a mechanical lever.

Outside the car is very stylish in white, which is a popular color but not as common as silver. I like the look of the original alloy wheels and have made no modifications to this car. I like the shape of the A4 and the car to this day is very similar still to the shape of the car when it came out in 1995/1996 to replace the Audi 80. I had an 80 previous to this car and this car obliviously feels generations ahead, but I did love my Audi 80 (a 1992 car which yes I was using up till as recent as 2017!) and it was that car that made me finally move on to buy this one. I doubt this A4 will last as long as my 80, due to being modern and will likely get complex and expensive to repair as the years go on, but if I get another 5 years or so out of this car I will be happy.

To drive the 1.8 "TFSI" petrol is the one to have - arguably better than the diesel due to being quieter, more refined, and less complicated so no big diesel repair bills. You can also average 40 MPG if you take it slow, not exactly great (especially with the current cost of fuel!) as the diesels can do 50 MPG +, but are more expensive to repair. So factor that in with long term costs and it's really all the same. With nearly 160 BHP on tap the car is fun to drive with the 6 speed manual.

Overall this is a well designed car. Its main rivals are the BMW 3 series and Mercedes C Class. Having driven those cars I can honestly say there is little between any of them now; it just depends what you prefer, all are good cars.

Just be aware though at the age and mileage a 10 year old one might be cheap enough to buy, but do your research and make sure you have a good local independent garage to help you out and keep costs down if things go wrong, I will admit I have been lucky to have that and get such a looked after car, a lot of people will not be so lucky - there are a lot of rough example high mileage used cars out there in the UK market right now for silly prices, that will likely cost someone who does not know any better a fortune if things go wrong.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2022