2012 Audi A4 SE 2.0 TDi from UK and Ireland


Classy, comfortable, with good performance and economy


Not very much while I have had it the last couple of years. Two services by local independents found no advisory or anything nasty. Complete history file reveals EGR valve replaced; other than that nothing serious or too expensive.

General Comments:

2012 Audi A4 SE in black metallic with black leather inside, love this car. Eleven years old and looks like new.

SE model, plenty of extras. Huge alloy wheels, all electrics inside. Interior is comfortable and stylish. The car is very smooth and quiet yet the suspension is firm enough for spirited cornering. Holds the road well.

2.0 TDi is a classic well proven diesel engine. 140 bhp is enough power for most drivers, and it will average 50 mpg or more with careful driving. Manual box was slick to use. I have heard the automatic is very good also.

All positive so far, it is hard to fault this car, it is known as a top tier executive saloon for a reason. I suppose you should know when buying used to be careful and only go for good clean examples, but that is good advice buying any used car. Can be expensive to run and repair if you pick a bad one.

Overall, despite being older now, I hope to keep this car long term, still feels very smart and modern.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2023

2012 Audi A4 SE Technik 2.0 TDI from UK and Ireland


Classy and comfortable car. More for passengers than drivers


Nothing yet. Keyless ignition fob has thrown a tantrum once when it fell out of the hole on the dashboard whilst the car was in motion (it's supposed to lock in position!) - doesn't exactly inspire confidence in this new fangled technology.

General Comments:

First impressions very good. Owned the previous generation B7 A4 before, and it's a wholesale improvement over the old.

Good Points - engine refinement and sound insulation a lot better from the common rail engine compared to the old PD (Pumpe Düse) unit used in the old shape A4 - the 143 BHP engine is punchy and fast enough for most people. You are never aware it is a diesel except when it is ticking over when the radio is turned off. Handles better than my old A4 - less nose heavy, but still not as good as a 3 Series. Impeccable build quality and finish inside, MMI system for working the stereo, satnav and phone connectivity is very complex, but you learn quickly. Comfortable and classy - it's got a great "feel-good" factor whenever you get in it.

Bad Points - fuel economy nowhere near what Audi claim it to be. Over a long journey, expect an average of 47-48 MPG; short journeys seem to kill it completely with averages of 41-42 MPG. Don't take any manufacturer economy claims at face value. Plus the much touted auto start/stop system rarely activates... so what's the point??? Cramped driver's footwell caused by the design of the gearbox; the transmission tunnel is fatter on the RHS and forces your feet across to an offset position. It isn't a problem obviously if you have an automatic transmission, but on the manuals make sure you can live with it. Automatic handbrake isn't to everyone's taste, although you get used to it.

SE Technik spec is great value as you get satnav and full leather interior thrown in for free - Audi optional extras aren't cheap, so this is effectively a £3k saving over buying the standard SE and specifying those items separately.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2015

22nd Mar 2021, 13:50

Interesting review that I would agree mostly with, my 2008 car is much the same. I do get the solid 50 MPG though - but maybe it is a different engine from yours, there were a few different versions of the 2.0 TDi. A nice car that I would recommend to anyone; needless to say it does get very expensive when things do wrong however.

13th Nov 2022, 23:27

They are good cars, and yes there are a few different powered versions of the 2.0 TDI, 140 bhp, 160, and 170 bhp as well (I think, may be wrong).

4WD makes a difference also, you'll get less mpg with an all wheel drive car, though generally the 2.0 TDI does a solid 50 mpg on a long cruise.