21st May 2005, 10:28

I truly agree with this author. I bought an '01 A4 30-valve V6, auto w/tiptronic, xenon lights, sport-tuned susp., and a number of other things (sorry I just love bragging about it, cause I love it). I'll tell you, I can't wait to drive it everyday. My gf has a '03 325i and I prefer mine to hers any day; and it outperforms hers as well. Now I'm just a little disappointed with the engine (cam) seals that I have to replace cause they're leaking oil (internally). Aside from the design flaw (or quality) of the seal that makes it wear prematurely, I'm very impressed with the overall ingenuity of this finely-tuned German automobile. Remember fellas, luxury and sportiness doesn't come with a cheap price tag. To drive something nice and fast, things are gonna go wrong sometimes--as with any other car. But that is life and there is no such thing as a PERFECT car. But I will always be loyal to Audi and just hope they can continue to manufacture more sexy and fun-to-drive cars. Thanks to Audi and my fellow enthusiasts.

18th Dec 2005, 16:27

I truly agree with this author as well. Yes Japanese vehicles are a little bland, but very reliable as well. Personally, I love the technology the Germans use. Of course, more technology, the higher the chance for maintenace. In the end, it's all worth the buck for the extraordinary drive of this Audi. It certainly helps too if you know some basic mechanic work for do-it-yourselfers. The dealership will put a toll on your wallet. That's for sure!!!

20th Dec 2005, 15:41

I agree also with the posters above. If you maintain an Audi, or any German car for that matter, and give it the proper care that it needs - you can literally drive these cars forever. Just don't buy a German car expecting Toyota reliability and maintenance costs. Nor should you expect the general boring feel that comes with driving a Toyota either. That it what makes ownership of a German car worthwhile.