2001 Audi A4 1.8 turbo from North America


Good maintenance = cheap to operate


The only problem I have had with my A4 is that I had to replace the cam tension chain at around 130k miles. The repair shop also replaced my ignition coils at the time of service.

As of now, the sunroof will not close properly. The sunroof closes, but the back of the roof will not pop up and meet flush with the car.

General Comments:

I love my A4, and it has been nothing but amazing to drive. Great gas mileage, great pick up and generally a great car to have. If you put in quality gas (93 octane) and quality oil (Mobile-1 0w40), the car will run like a champ.

I have over 170k miles on my car currently, with a front brake change on the horizon.

Besides the general maintenance and the 2 problems above, I have had no problems with the car. Repairing the cam chain was about $1500USD but other than that, it's been great!

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Review Date: 1st March, 2010

2001 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8 turbo from North America


A good looking car that didn't live up to its promise


The engine blew up due to the oil line clogging.

The alloy wheels cracked, leaving me stranded.

The heater stopped working.

The air conditioner stopped working.

The tie rods wore out well before they should have.

Speakers cracked.

Air filter is very difficult to change.

General Comments:

It looked good and seemed to be about the right size for me, but I was immediately disappointed with the turbo lag, which can be severe and left my car in the dust whenever I wanted to pass someone else. The turbo doesn't kick in until 3k rpm, and even then it needs time to spool up.

The build quality was poor.

I immediately took off the rear seat head rests because they obstructed my view.

Then my engine blew up because Audi puts a screen in its fuel line to catch the ground up metal that flows through, and the screen clogs. Thank for letting me know about it Audi!

The Audi service people are trained by the devil himself, and were worse than useless.

I will never buy another Audi, and wouldn't have kept this one if I hadn't gotten married and put all my money into a house.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2009

25th Aug 2009, 13:59

140,000 miles and they are your only problems? A bit of research over the years would have credited you with the knowledge that the oil lines could clog. Based on the short list of faults, I would suggest Audi lived upto its name in this case. Your list would have been much longer if you bought a car from certain other manufacturers.

2001 Audi A4 Avant Quattro 1.8t from North America


I'd only replace this car with another Audi


I have not had any problems that are out of the ordinary. ALL cars will have problems.

The only things I have done to this car are normal replacement items. Things like brake pads, replacing some vacuum lines, the timing belt, changing oil, and other little things so minor I cannot remember.

Yes I had the coil packs replaced under warranty. But this is not really an Audi issue per say. Audi did however step up and warranty them for all their cars with the issue. That is service.

I had some small issues when the car was under warranty; all taken care of without question by the dealer. Which I must say I bought my car on the other side of the US. I moved to Colorado and I have nothing but praise for the local dealer. They always took care of me like I had bought from them. They could have not been so friendly, many dealers are not.

Only real things that I hate is that my Bose speakers are crackling. But I can't be mad at that. The car has 115K and I blast the radio. It's just bound to blow. The only real drawback can be the price of some parts can expensive. But I expect this car to last well into the 200K range. So I expect to pay a little more for quality parts too.

General Comments:

I love my 1.8t Avant. I thought I would hate the fake leather seats. But now that I have a dog, these seats are a godsend. They never show wear, my dog can get all the dirt she wants on them.

The cargo room in this car is just great. I use it like a truck. I drive it like it's a Porsche. It really does handle like it is on rails. It gets great fuel mileage too.

I lust after an S4 Avant of the same era, but I don't want to deal with the maintenance on that car. The 1.8t is a much easier engine to work on. It's not hard to work on or to get to anything on the car. The front pops off like a Lego car in less than 15 minutes. That is a great feature that I wish more cars would do.

I do with the seats had more side bolster. I wish Audi had made a package that let me opt for Sport seats. I do have EVERY package that was available except automatic. Which I have to say the gear box is great. I am still on my original clutch too. I am sure it will go out soon. It has lasted me for 115K miles so far. More than normal. I plan on putting an uprated clutch in the car when I do replace it. The stock one is a little weak.

At 115K the interior is still in great shape. I have no squeaks or rattles... try that with a VW, Honda or Subi.

I have driven this car in INSANE snowstorms and it always makes it. Quattro is the best safety feature ever. I made it to work after the apocalyptic snowstorm where 7 feet had dumped in less that 2 days. My Audi plowed the road in front of the plows. I made it to work when NO ONE else had, which is good because I worked in a hospital at the time. You want to feel safe no matter what mother nature throws at you. Buy a quattro and good snow tires.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2009