13th Jul 2008, 14:52

You may have a bad Bosch ABS control unit. Between the years of 1996 and 2001, Audi and VW produced thousands of cars with defective control units. VW had somewhat of a recall, but not Audi.

When my brake light started flashing with beeping sounds and my ABS and airbag light came on, I checked and Audi wants over $1500.00 for it. You can find rebuilt units for about 350.00. I decided to open mine up, and I found one connection with a very poorly soldered connection. After the repair, flashing and beeping gone, I reset the ABS and airbag. It is a complicated area to repair, JB

7th Oct 2008, 21:58

Yes, After extensive research turns out the Bosch electronic control unit for ABS was defective from factory. And Audi left it to us to fix it (Say "Thanks AoA"). The only part that is damaged is the electronics attached to the ABS pump, you can have it rebuilt for about $300 or get a completely new unit (revised model) for about $500. It is a little expensive but if you really want it, those are the only 2 ways to go.

Also, be very sure to change your timing belt on your cars every 50000 miles, specially on the 1.8T. You can do it yourself if you buy good tools and get a repair manual. There are also very good write ups. It really is NOT that hard. I just did it last Saturday, was my first time, took me about 8 hours. Plus you will save at least $1500. Hit me up if you have more questions, I purchased my 99 V6 5sp not long ago, but already in love with her. I will be happy to help a fellow A4 owner. koenigseg23@yahoo.com

2nd Jul 2010, 11:42

Hi, I was wondering; I have an Audi A4 that needs a rear axle, and I found someone who has a 1996 A4 and mine is a 1999; will the rear axle fit in my car???