2011 Audi A5 S Line Special Edition Coupe 1.8 TFSi from UK and Ireland


Eye catching coupe


Suspension, exhaust, ABS sensors, etc - usual stuff for age and miles. No major problems if taken care of. These cars are as solid as they come!

General Comments:

Very nice to look at, the A5 is a fine automobile.

Coupe is the one to have. There is a "Sport-back" sedan if you are interested, but the A5 suits a coupe style more. I'd get an A6 if I wanted a sedan.

Great to drive as well. My 1.8 petrol engine manual car has decent performance (8 seconds to 60 mph and top speed of 140 mph), not that great on fuel though (around 35 mpg realistically) but it is quiet and refined, which most of the diesel versions are not.

S Line specification has the lot - leather, electrics. Lovely interior, very comfortable.

Still felt very modern despite being over a decade old. The car had a timeless look. My car was bright silver.

Loved the pillar-less doors.

Sold it a couple of years ago, miss it already! Might buy another, but the more modern updated model from 2015 onwards. These are expensive cars to service and repair, but they are worth it. Audi dealers are dear - find a trusted independent to keep running costs down. You will always enjoy an Audi A5 coupe in any combination of trim and engine, trust me! Just about all of them are great cars.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2024

2014 Audi A5 S Line Quattro 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Sporty, solid coupe


EGR valve + slight oil leak. Repaired by dealer upon purchase.

General Comments:

This A5 Coupe in black is nothing short of stunning to look at and drive. Better than my old Mercedes. Yes, that good.

Gorgeous interior, leather and all electrics as expected of a car in this class. Ride rather firm but never uncomfortable.

Excellent to drive. All engines are good, but the 2.0 TDi is a good all rounder, nice performance while still managing 44 - 46 mpg on diesel.

Auto box is smooth.

Couldn't ask for ore to be honest. A little expensive to buy and run, but this is expected of an Audi coupe. Worth it in my opinion if you get a nice car that has been taken care of. Avoid rough examples, I have had mine a year with no major issues, but I took out an extended used car warranty to be sure.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2024

2010 Audi A5 S Line 2.0 TFSi petrol from UK and Ireland


Fast, comfortable, love it!


Timing chain (expensive).

Camshaft sensor.

General Comments:

This black A5 was a steal in a private sale at only 4K!

Love this car, fast and comfortable, looks amazing.

Not had it long, reliability remains to be seen, but one year and 6000 miles later, no major problems, previous owner took care of that timing chain!

Massive Audi 5 spoke alloys look great, inside also is very nice. Seats are among the most comfortable I have ever sat in.

2.0 petrol has plenty of power, but expect only 30 something MPG at best. Or get the diesel.

Cannot think of enough positives to say about this car, it is just classy and fast. If you are thinking about getting one, go for it! Make sure you buy nothing less than a full service history clean car though! These do get expensive if you get a bad one.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2023

2014 Audi A5 Black Edition 2.0 TDi from UK and Ireland


Stunning sports coupe


Center console display froze, fixed itself.

A/C not as effective as it used to be, going to get it re-gassed soon.

Engine management light came on, needed new EGR valve.

I bought used with dealer history, and the car has had every service with me and I look after it well.

General Comments:

Had my A5 Coupe for a couple of years now and loved every minute. The car is just a joy to drive, be in, and look at.

Metallic black paintwork with 19 inch rotor arm alloy wheels, this car stands out. Front wheel drive version, not AWD or "quattro" as Audi like to say. Benefits of FWD are better fuel economy - my 2.0 TDi gets a genuine 50 mpg + and still has great performance and handles very well.

Interior is black leather and looks fantastic. Very comfortable. "Black Edition" is well equipped, but all these cars are well equipped with modern electronics. And if I have any gripes it is with the modern electronic quirks - maybe I am getting old, but I really dislike the electronic handbrake (would much prefer a mechanical lever) and although you can connect your phone and all the usual stuff in this car, I just do not care about the modern digital features. To me a car just needs electric windows, comfortable seats, a good climate control system, a quality stereo system, and be good to drive. That is it, and the A5 does all that very well. Hard to believe my car is 8 years old now.

Minor points aside I have little to criticize this car about, it is a genuinely good modern coupe that is well worth the asking price, just be aware it is an Audi and they are known for getting expensive when things go wrong, so be careful buying used if you are considering one yourself, always go for a looked after car with full history.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2022