1996 Audi A6 Avant 2.6 V6 petrol from Gibraltar


Great work vehicle


Nothing yet, although the steering wheel is pitted and worn. Not bad really for a 16 year old car! CD multi-changer doesn't work, but that's not really Audi's fault.

General Comments:

I thought this was RWD!! I only just found it isn't. Drives like it. Bought it as a cheap runner for work. Massive boot. Comfortable beyond compare - leather has worn extremely well. Smooth engine and excellent auto-box.

I put petrol in this, start it, stick my foot down and off it goes - just exactly what I need for work: I don't wash it, I don't polish it, it's a tool. Looks okay, although the wheels look lost in the arches. It's not really an A6 though is it - it's just a rebadged 100, but I don't care. It has various battle scars, but is absolutely rust free (thanks to the climate here).

I can see me keeping this car for a very long time.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2012

1996 Audi A6 Quattro Avant 2.8 V6 from North America


Best I've ever driven, even at 15 years old


I'm fixing the things left over from prior owner's neglect. Since it sat for a year or so, it's amazingly simple little things... a seal and a gasket.

General Comments:

Drives like a dream. I've had about 100 newer rentals in the last 5 years, and none was close to my A6. Looks good too. Comfy to the max. Best I've ever driven, even if it is 15 years old. Added a class 3 hitch and better cup holders.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2011

1996 Audi A6 V6 2.6 from UK and Ireland


Solid workhorse


Nothing so far:

Cambelt, pulley and waterpump change by a mobile Audi specialist - very good job and the cheapest around in London!

Central locking is not working for the boot.

Gearbox selector bulb on dash is not lighting up anymore.

Lack of front armrest.

Rear armrest is wobbly.

General Comments:

This is not the SE version, but came with 4 electric windows, electric sunroof, height adjustable headlamps, front and rear fog lights, driver's airbag and air conditioning. In my opinion the velour is by far the better choice for this car - it wears very well and is very high quality.

Very nice car - was originally purchased as a stop-gap vehicle after my 450SLC was crashed into. I won't even attempt to compare this to the 450SLC; frankly the 450SLC is a far supreme vehicle.

I was going to buy a W124 Mercedes as I am rather fond of them, but the servicing on the Merc costs more, and the car itself also costs more.

Surprisingly comfortable, ride is not crashy - having owned several modern cars - P38a Range Rover, BMW E46 320 and a W210 Mercedes E280, I would say this car is better built than the Range Rover, and has similar power "feel" to the E280. However the Audi's dash is rather low-rent and utilitarian - which is fine - it is a good workhorse, the velour seats are very high quality though and the factory speakers are very high quality, all clicks (indicators) feels very well put together.

Excellent tourer and relaxing engine - the low down torque makes it feel more than 150ps. The engine is quiet and efficient - it has lots of torque at low rev and the gearbox is programmed to suit this characteristic (4th = 30mph), but is again very responsive, you can almost change gear by adjusting the amount of gas you are applying to the accelerator.

I have not experienced the oil burning problem common with these era of Audi - probably because I don't drive hard when its cold. Highway driving is relaxing and good - at 70mph, it stays at the most efficient rev band in 4th.

It can be thirty if driven hard, however the gas pedal is arranged in sections - first 2/5 another 2/5 and the last 1/5. In most driving the first 2/5 will give you more than enough power. The car will kickdown when 4/5 is depressed, the last 1/5 is for another kickdown - so driving along at 40mph in 4th, depress the second 2/5 will get you 3rd and the last 1/5 will get you into 2nd. When under hard acceleration (full acceleration) out of a motorway service station, the car can be very thirsty - the needle actually moved!

Brake is mushy to say the least, but does the job - it's not a sports car.

The interior is fine - rear door opening angle and space to get in and out is poorly designed - it feels like a small car. The rear leg room is fine - larger than E46 BMW, but less than W210.

Boot space is disappointing - not as big as the outside suggest - though with rear seats folded down - it is quite respectable.

I am now hoping to keep this car for another 5 years - although it is 13 years old, it doesn't feel anywhere as near as that age.

In fact I think my complaint is the servicing - the cambelt change was the same price as the car! However, the car only has 90,000 on the clock and has fully stamped Audi service history - and fully checked with Audi's central record.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2009

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