1996 Audi A6 V6 from North America


Great, but unreliable


A lot of things

CD changer stopped working

Dash light became very low

Struts need to be replaced

Steering rack replaced

Leak from engine

Eats a lot of oil; 1/3 of bottle for one change of gas

Other things too; don't remember everything

General Comments:

It is really nice to drive this car. It handles well and the interior is very luxurious.

Very solid car in general, but I expected it to be more reliable.

I know that ones built after 1997 are very unreliable, but 94-97 is said to be quite good. Maybe I am just unlucky with this one, but it looks like it is falling apart, no matter how much I fix it. It eats a lot of oil too.

I expected more from German cars.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2008

16th Dec 2008, 01:01

If it makes you feel any better about your Audi, VW (the maker of Audi) makes overrated crappy German cars too.

3rd Nov 2009, 13:00

I am a little curious what you expect from a ten year old car? Struts usually go out around the 100K mark.

1/3 bottle of oil per oil change is not too bad at all, if you have a few miles on it. I had an Escort and Town Car that would go through at least one bottle per gas fill up.

I wouldn't call it unreliable if it still gets you everywhere you want to go in luxury, with a few minor quirks. It's an old car with typical old car problems. If taken care of, these cars will stay as solid as the day they rolled out of the factory.

23rd Jul 2010, 23:02

If this was a Japanese brand, all the list of things he replaced would be categorized as "wear and tear". But since it's German, he categorized those things as "problems". Go check reviews of Japanese cars from the same era. They all had more or less the same things replaced as this Audi, but yet their owners don't give their cars bad reviews.

1996 Audi A6 2.8 from North America


The A6: Quality materials assembled by skilled Audi employees who are paid a real living wage


Replaced exhaust system and O2 sensors at 90,000 miles. Total cost was about $1,000, though the damage to the exhaust system was self-inflicted.

Replaced all belts and hoses at 95,000 miles to prevent major failure... nothing lasts forever. Cost about $700.

Replaced sunroof motor at 90,000 miles. Cost was $600. Sunroof has not closed properly for several years, but does not leak (yet).

Brake system replaced at 100,000 miles. Cost about $400.

Vacuum locking system does not lock trunk, though all doors lock and alarm arms properly.

AC seems weak at peak of summer, but I live in Alabama and we have really HOT summers. Germany enjoys cooler summer temps.

General Comments:

Having previously owned a BMW 733i, a Volvo 940se turbo, and several Volkswagens, this has been my favorite car to own, maintain, and drive.

While it is not outstanding in any one area, it seems to do everything well. Rather, it’s not a muscle car, and it’s not loaded with luxury gadgets, it is simply a pleasure to own and drive.

After 130,000 miles and 10 years, the paint job still looks great! Really!

The body styling is timeless…my friends and work colleagues don’t believe it’s a 10 year old design. I still think she’s a beauty on the outside.

The interior is still outstanding too. The fit and finish quality amazes me when I compare to other “luxury” car interiors.

There is nothing cheap about the interior materials used. And I really love the understated elegance of the dash (a no-flash dash).

Absolutely NO rattles or other noises. Even after 135,000 miles.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2005

22nd Jun 2008, 05:04

I must agree with you as I owned one only a year ago and never failed to impress her outlook. It designed is even better than many newer generation and the colour is almost immortal. I keep it shine with wax but no polish once a month in my country (Tropical) and shines everytime. A bit of rattling of engine and slight leaked from the water compartments of the engine..I supposed that is why the owner sold it off after using it for past 11 years! But for me no regret as I have no obligations to own this car.. and long distant is superb with luxury,style and comfort. Good mileage as well get cover 1 liter for 11km not bad with the current oil price. Hopefully my "no regret" feeling stays on.

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