2005 Audi A6 Avant (Station Wagon) 2.5 TDI Quattro from Luxembourg


Great for families. Reliable. Expensive in running costs


Brake pedal sensor / 20 EUR fix.

I had to replace brake discs due to rust, living in a snowy climate.

General Comments:

Fantastic family car. Excellent for holidays, never let us down. Ample power supply for fast highway and route driving. It obviously drives like a big car, with significant inertia.

Snow performance is excellent, used always with snow tires. I assume it's a mixture of quattro and the tires, but it does drive seamlessly over snowy or icy roads. Average consumption is circa 9L/100km on road trips (quattro and automatic add up).

Interior space is ample. Rear seat space fits tall adults (185cm) comfortably. Space in the trunk is big enough for a family of 4 or 5. Considering adding a Thule box for ski gear.

Leather seats are quite resistant to kids stains, and are comfortable.

Very comfortable for long rides with the automatic transmission.

Interior quality and looks are superior in every aspect to our previous Volvo 850. Except for the seats; those Volvo seats are incredible.


Maintenance at Audi dealership is quite expensive. But the car runs smoothly without any issues, so I'm happy to pay for that.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2013

14th Aug 2013, 10:54

Some rust on the brakes isn't really a big deal. Even new cars on dealers' lots have some rust on the discs. As a lot of static electricity builds up and water hits the brakes, rust is inevitable. It's pretty much like you're hooking up a power supply to the steel and flowing current in to aid the rusting process. Doesn't affect performance though.

2005 Audi A6 SE TDI 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Terrible engine, awful car


This is without doubt, the worst car I have ever owned.

At 56k, the small bit of plastic that keeps the belt secured to the oil pump snapped. This caused the oil pump to stop pumping oil around the engine. It totally killed the car; the engine seized, the turbo blew, and one injector packed up. The total cost for repair was well over £4k.

Never ever buy a BLB VAG 2.0 TDI engine. Search Google for 2.0 TDI oil problems, and just look at the number of people who have suffered the same fate as me.

I am writing this in the hope that if you are considering buying any car that uses the 2.0 TDI engine from 2004 to 2005 (it was updated in 2006), and this includes Audi, VW and Seat - DO NOT.

This is a design fault with the engine; do not buy one and hope for the best as I did.

General Comments:

Apart from the engine falling out, the steering was too light. This wasn't a fault, and might be down to the fact I'm used to BMW.

I hated this car, and glad it is out of my life.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2012

21st Jan 2012, 05:55

That's too bad. I had the old '97 1.9L TDI, and for once VAG had a pretty good reliable product, other than the control electronics.

It will be interesting to see if these high sales numbers will translate into major sales losses, in the future. VAG doesn't appear to be interested in quality and reliability. Then they go and sell replacement parts at atrociously high prices and the dealers soak you for all you got, only to find out that it didn't even address the problems you were having. To be fair, the original dealer that I bought my VW from had integrity and they never mislead me. Unfortunately, they went out of business and I had to take my vehicle to a non-dealer shop for service. I then started doing it all myself.

2005 Audi A6 from North America


A great car!


Trunk latch needed to be replaced.

Minor electrical problems.

General Comments:

One of the best cars I have ever owned. Drives well, very reliable and just nice car to own. I have kept this car longer than any other that I have owned. Would buy another all day.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2009