24th Jan 2012, 23:05

"VAG doesn't appear to be interested in quality and reliability."

They aren't the only manufacturer.

9th Feb 2013, 10:44

I agree, a total rubbish car. Defies logic how a "premium" car manufacturer can produce a sloppy effort. The design of the ill fated oil pump chain tensioner is amateur enough, but the drive from the balancing shafts to the oil pump itself is disgraceful..... Having a six point drive (Allen key for want of a better description) driven by a TWELVE point female socket from the balancing shaft is beyond belief. Square peg... round hole jumps to mind.... The points of the Allen key wear and bang!!!

The BLB engine is the pits, I have struggled with one for long enough, with absolutely no help from Audi Ireland. The over priced, badly built, average performance electrical and mechanical nightmare will be moved on as soon as the final payment is made.

Be aware though, all 2.0 TDI lumps have the Allen key drive to the oil pump.

Power steering hoses exploded, window regulators failed, handbrake loom failed, turbo failed, throttle actuator failed... need I go on?

After driving Audi for 15 years - the 1.9 TDI was a cracking engine to be fair - I will never ever have anything to do with Audi again.

Proper German quality from now on. Merc or BMW from now on.

29th Jan 2015, 12:00

Can I clarify something, you state the A6 in general is awful and advise against buying one, but your problems are down to the 2.0 TDI, which is a known issue. So can you be clear, the car is fine, but the engine is the dodo?

12th Mar 2015, 03:13

I gave the example of the issues with the inadequate engine design in as much detail as I could for the benefit of any potential buyers that might be stung. The other issues I have had with this mediocre/sub standard vehicle are:

Power steering hoses failing. 200 euro + each to replace.

Boot door latch failing, pricey to fix.

The drain at the base of the compartment under the windscreen blocks. There's no indication of this issue until the carpets inside the car are soaked. At this stage the electrics are swimming in water. Rough idle, electrical gremlins start. Eventually, the car fails to start. 1100 euro later, this is sorted.

There were other issues, but I think there should be enough there to, hopefully, put anyone off buying this rubbish car.

18th Feb 2016, 02:31

The engine is rubbish, I can confirm that.

Other issues: electronic handbrake, power steering pipes, electric windows; all gave expensive problems also.

To top it all off, there are drains at the front of the windscreen, where the electronics are mounted, that block. This is under the cover that sits under where the wipers are driven from. This area filled with water as a result of the drains blocking, and the electronics fried themselves. Total and utter rubbish car, will never buy an Audi again. Pure muck.

Saying that, I do have a couple of classic models, but they were built in an era when Audi took pride in their work.