26th Jul 2008, 10:51

I have an A6, and its wonderful, awesome quattro system, and superb to drive. I do maintain my car, which is a most for any make or model.

I can honestly say, that the A6, is the best car I have ever driven :)

29th Aug 2008, 05:17

Try taking the car to mechanic. You paid nothing for it anyway!.. None of those things have ever happened to my A6 (with the exception of the child lock button)

1st Jul 2009, 22:09

I am from reading pa. Tomorrow I'm going to Burlington New Jersey to buy a 98 Audi a6 Quattro. Reading these comments has me second guessing.

26th May 2010, 01:16

All Audi's have a schedule you want to follow on for service, you don't want to just wait till stuff breaks completely before you fix it. A lot of that stuff you're mentioning is supposed to be done at the 75k-100k service intervals.

2nd Oct 2011, 23:05

I did take the car to Audi for service. How do you think I got the $6400 estimate on the transmission? This was back in 2007. I sold it that summer for $2,500 to some guy who bought it as a project car. I have known many other Audis since that have excess issues. I would stress avoiding Audi altogether. Mercedes and BMW are, although more expensive, better and have more prestige.

11th Jan 2014, 23:58

I disagree. I had a 99 A6 2.8L Quattro and loved it. In the time we had it, it cost us less than the Honda we had at the time did to maintain. The only issue we ever had was with the electrical system. Had a fault in a connector that caused all sorts of problems. Our biggest issue was we took it to the guy who worked on our Honda. He didn't have a clue about our Audi and spent $1200 to diagnose and replace a $12 part. Had we gone to a shop that knew Audi's, it would have been a whole lot cheaper. Aside from that, regular maintenance keeps the expensive repairs at bay. Make sure yours has been worked on regularly, or have it at a good shop that knows Audi's, or yes it will most certainly cost you.

8th Sep 2015, 23:33

"Audi should be banned from ever selling cars in the US." Really?

I've owned four Audis, all very good. I'm sorry this reviewer had a bad experience. The reviewer's description of how the car was acquired (for free, at 109K miles), seems to explain a lot.