17th Aug 2001, 02:42

Your comment says "Quicker than a BMW M5, with ultimate luxury".

A BMW M5 will comprehensively out accelerate a 4.2 A6. Your Audi is quick, no question, but it ain't that quick.

26th Jun 2002, 11:33

Quicker than a M5??? No, I don't think so, but if you have tuned your 4.2L 300hp power plant to 340-360hp you could won him, your car is lighter and with the transmission of the 300hp your acceleration would be much better. Why don't you buy an S6 6-speed manual transmission? Note: remove your electronic speed limiter, top end speed will be around 295kph (183mph) with the S6's 6-speed manual transmission, add a T4 turbo and you will have a faster car than a F550 Maranello. That conversion is little expensive.

15th Aug 2003, 15:06

I think the comments may be sliding off the point. The A6 4,2 Avant Quattro Avant (what a mouthful) is the car I bought exactly because I didn't want to be concerned with 'burning people off at the lights' - if that was what I wanted (plus a stiffer suspension and another ca. £10.000) I'd have bought an S6. If I want to burn off an M5 (old model only V8!) I'd buy an Rs6 (although the V10 M5 will end that I'm sure).

The 4.2 is a luxury car with a lot of power and torque, if that's want you want... It has effortless power to cruise the autobahn at 140 mph (I don't like 150 as it gets a little bouncy with the soft set up...) or occasionally establishing your right to be in the lane of your choice by accelerating through traffic with the minimum of provocation to other road users, then the v8 4.2 (debadged at no cost) is for you. Just cruise it's fantastic and understated until someone who knows what they're looking at checks the wheels, and the slightly longer bonnet etc.

Running costs are not too bad - I've averaged 25 mpg over 40 k miles, but Do look out for the front discs, mine went at less than 40 k miles, and although expensive seem to pale against the service cost (every 2 years), of 8 litres of synthetic oil and 8 spark plugs etc. etc..

Otherwise the car has been perfect from new (now 3.5 years old) and I am so satisfied that my normal urge to get something new has been quietened by the question: Apart from an Rs6 to lose your license - what more do you want.?

30th Oct 2003, 04:31

No way can your audi beat a M5 the m5=0-60 5.3 your audi 6.9 0-60 even the S6 doesn't beat the BMW and you can't really call that a race a 4.2 v8 to a 3.0 striaght six cum on pal the BMW would of kept up with ya, but only just cos it does it in 7.2 seconds 2 60.

18th Jun 2004, 20:30

Quicker than M5? no way. Even a 540i automatic can easily leave the A6 4.2 in the dust, your cars is not even close..

26th Jun 2004, 08:28

I am the very proud owner of a 2001 Lemans Blue M5. Having returned from Cumbria to Broadstairs yesterday (25th June 2004) and come across an Audi blah blah 4.2, I can tell you that it faded away into the rear view mirror just the some as every other car that claims it is a match for the awesome M5. So, why don't you just accept it. If you want a car that's as good as the M5, buy an M5. There is no other. ade@zen.co.uk.

1st Aug 2007, 07:54

Yeah right. There is only one car? And that would be what? An M5?

For the price of an M5 you can get two faster cars, with better reliability and lower fuel costs. And I don't mean the Audi.

Take a look around, people, there are a lot of cars, not only BMW's, Audi's and other German products. World is bigger than just Germany you know.

21st Jun 2009, 04:53

I had a 2001 C320. Had numerous problems german engineering, never again, I learned my lesson.

21st Jun 2009, 09:44

Ever occurred to anyone that not every car is being 'raced' from the lights? That way its entirely possible that someone in a less powerful car will 'win' simply because the other person isn't trying? Grow up - most Audi 4.2 drivers never race, but I guess most BMW drivers do! I'll stick with my 300bhp Volvo S60 and just surprise the unsuspecting German car driver when they get whipped by a Volvo. That look is priceless - especially when I paid a lot less for my Volvo and am in total comfort that even the Audi, BMW can't manage!!!

12th Sep 2010, 01:53

Does anyone read the original post before commenting?