2000 Audi A6 SE 2.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Still a good car


Quite a lot, but most was the maintenance and replacement parts expected of age. The car has never left me stranded or broken down, but I do keep on top of things (serviced on time, battery changed before it gets too old, belts changed, etc.) Small oil leak now, but not serious. Bodywork wise the car is incredible for its age, not a mark on it!

General Comments:

For 23 years old, this A6 is an incredibly modern and comfortable car. I bought it used years ago and although expensive, it has been worth every penny and stood the test of time. It's silver, as pretty much every car seemed to be at the turn of the millennium.

2.4 petrol with the automatic performs very well, but not that economical at 26 MPG on average.

Exterior of the car looks as modern as any Audi, but the interior has a very 1990's feel, but that is OK - I love this era of cars because it is when things were getting really good and not too over complicated. Spacious, and all round vision is superb and the seats are still very comfortable. Electric everything on this SE model.

In conclusion I wanted a big, comfortable, reliable and traditional saloon and that is exactly what I got, it is like the perfect car for me, and see no reason to replace it yet even though it is getting a lot older now. To keep costs down you really need to know an Audi specialist if things go wrong however - I would advise against going to an Audi main dealer with a car of this age.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2023

2000 Audi A6 4.2L from North America


Reliable and a great driving experience to me, despite all the negatives written on it


Some eletrical glitches: heat on the steering wheel doesn't work, seat memory sometimes works, multiple CD player not working, rear passenger side window slow to come up during cold weather.

Replaced the wiper motor with a used one. No problems since.

Coils 2 and 5 replaced due to misfiring diagnosis. No problems since.

Replaced transmission at 119000.

Changed out A arms twice because of worn bushings both sides.

Replaced fuel pump with used one. No problem since.

Replaced alternator and belt tensioner that went bad.

Replaced G20 sensor.

Replaced headlight leveling sensors front and back when I hit a pothole and it broke.

Need to replaced catalytic converter, but at this point, this expense is half the car's value. I just clear out codes and get them to ready mode before going to an emissions test.

General Comments:

I love this car. I've had it for over 11 years after buying it used with 60000 miles on it. I replaced the steering wheel (under warranty) because it didn't heat up when you turn the heated seats on, but that went bad again soon after so I didn't bother replacing it again. Same with a bad headlight. Replaced under warranty.

Yes, normal maintenance on this car is more expensive than a Toyota, but the riding experience is more rewarding as well. Timing belt, water pump, thermostat and new coolant were replaced at 144K. This engine has never let me down. Not even getting stuck in Chicago winters. Runs strong and have not had ANY issues with it. No leaks, no cracks.

I have a great Audi mechanic who works on my car from his home and gives me a steep discount on labor. Probably the single most important reason I kept this car and will buy another.

Now that it has 177K on it, I'm thinking of selling it because my mechanic says (and it has been proven) that this model A6 (1998 to 2004) transmissions only last about 120K. Which is on par with when I replaced mine with a used one that already had 50K on it. No problems with it, but I'm reaching the 120K mark on the 2nd trans and the Blue Book value on it doesn't justify the expense of another trans. Pity, because this car is so wonderful to drive. Luckily, my mechanic said that after 2006, the transmissions have been much more reliable.

If I knew this car would last me longer, I'd keep it. But looking at an A8 now after this car is sold. Still looks and runs great.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2015