2000 Audi A6 2.8 from North America


Great car with great handling and comfort. Most reliable german car


No major fault during this past 2 years. Running strong. Only maintenance.

Timing belt, water pump, gasket, seals and all the fluids (including auto transmission oil) replaced at 60K.

Most of the problems are computer glitches/problems. Don't believe all computer faults; the dealers just want to make money by replacing every parts that's diagnosed bad by the computer. You just need to buy a VAGCOM (NOT OBD2) and reset the computer when the problem arises, and measure all the sensor values by yourself to find out what is the real problem. Keep the battery in top condition, otherwise you will expect a lot of false code generated by the car's computer.

Engine consumes Oil. About 1 qt every 1000 miles. Audi dealer said it's normal. But for me, that's too much. After using Lubo Moly, it really helps reducing the oil consumption. Gasket has been replaced but doesn't help on oil consumption.

General Comments:

Great car and great handling. Not as quiet and comfy as Mercedes or even Lexus. But I love driving it, and a used one is SO CHEAP! Worth every penny. I bought it only $9,300 with 100K miles/5 years extended warranty. 1/4 of the new price. A lot of people do not believe in Audi, that's to my benefit.

Find the one that has a service/maintenance record and never had any major problem. Any car, once it's had a major problem, always has problems. Once a lemon, it's always a lemon.

IMHO, This car has a great reliability. I have several friends who have this car, and they're all satisfied with this car. All of them go to Audi/VW specialized independent shop.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2008

2000 Audi A6 2.7 T from North America


This is a fun, solid, safe car that requires a respectful, responsible owner


My LED in the center of the gage cluster does not lite all the way and therefore is difficult to read.

The front tie rod ends (I think this is what they were called) needed to be replaced at 41K miles along with all 4 brake rotors and pads.

The engine leaked out of the valve covers and timing seals which the dealer charged nearly $1,200.00 to replace and repair. The dealer told me this was a common occurrence on this engine. Research proved this as well.

Otherwise the car is really fun, powerful, safe and luxurious with a smooth quite ride.

General Comments:

My 2000 A6 2.7T has all the bells and whistles including Navigation and heated everything. The car seems very solid and heavy.

Problems are minimal and do not necessarily effect reliability. However, there are a few nuisance items expensive to fix although the dealership was willing to work with me on the repair costs.

I did put the APR 91/93/100 octane 307/320/350HP (relative) chip with intake, exhaust and boost valves and have had no issues. I put 15mm wheel spacers and 235/45 R16 tires on it. The car is an absolute blast to drive. Leaves everything in the dust.

I would recommend running full synthetic oil and changing oil every 3K miles. You really need to keep these cars serviced religiously.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2008

2000 Audi A6 2.7 from North America


Wish I had never bought it


Blown spark plug wire leading to blown oil pump.

Fuel pump needs replacing - (maybe. cold weather spell and now the car won't start)

Tie rods replaced.

Passenger window motor replaced.

Cup holders all broken - will not come out.

Replaced exhaust parts.

General Comments:

My personal mechanic advised me not buy this car, however after driving a mini van for several years I wanted to spoil myself. Wish I had the mini van back. Tie rods - upper and lower - to the tune of $1,100. Oil pump and new spark plugs and wires - $1,500. Window motor - $450. CEL came on - cracked lines in exhaust - $300 and still counting. Now we've had a cold spell and the car won't start. Not a battery problem - it is either fuel pump or cams. In my mind the ride of this car is not worth the expense to fix it. As soon as it is running again, I will be selling and buying something else. perhaps not as flashy, but certainly more dependable and inexpensive to fix.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2008