28th Dec 2010, 17:10

For all of the negative comments regarding using cruise control in the winter or snow... this has nothing to do with using cruise control. This problem will occur in the cold weather. I have never used cruise control, and the same problem has happened to me on several occasions.

21st Jan 2011, 16:21

I live in Bloomington, MN. I have a '98 A6, and what happened to me today is very similar. I do not use cruise control, and there was no floor mat stuck to the gas pedal. The temperature at the time this happened was about -2. The car would first keep the same rpm after I removed my foot from the gas pedal. Braking didn't help much as it slowed the car just a little. When I put the car to neutral, the rpm would go up. Then I turned the car off, and when I turned it back on, the rpm went to 7000. I managed to park the car and called the dealer, and the guy said it was probably my floor mat stuck to the pedal, but that was not the case. I actually physically pulled back the gas pedal with my hand, then the problem first happened, so that was not the case. Right now, the car seems to be fine, but I have an appointment to take it to the dealer next week. Pretty scary stuff.

9th May 2011, 21:22

Was any legal action taken against Audi and if so what resulted from this action?

I would be very interested to hear your comments as I also experienced the same problem with an Audi A4 I was driving back in 2001.

Please reply back to sergio.iacobucci@ntlworld.com.

11th Nov 2011, 04:19

The A6's pedals are designed to break away in a serious impact. (see: http://www.euroncap.com/tests/audi_a6_1998/48.aspx)

Maybe that has something to do with it? Did you first hit something after losing braking capacity?

9th Apr 2017, 01:08

Just replaced the water temperature sensor. I started my 98 A6 2.8 and backed into the road. Then the car started to accelerate, went to 6,000 RPM. I put in N and stopped and started back home. The temperature is 80 and dry here in Texas. Can somebody help? Thanks.