2006 Audi A8 L 4.2L gas from North America


The Audi A8L is a 5 person luxury private jet


Headlight DRL bulbs. Prior owner installed 1156 28W in a 21W rated holder, which required new wiring due to insulation becoming brittle. Probably would have been okay, but I tried to install LED 1156 with resistors, only to find the resistors heat up to 335F, so I removed everything to find cracking wire insulation. Don't mess with perfection, and don't be tempted to upgrade your lights to LED - this year doesn't jive with it. Be happy with Xenon.

General Comments:

I refer to the car as my private jet. It has a Beechcraft private business jet quality interior, and it really doesn't matter what is going on with the weather, the AWD has you covered. A/C is chilly (I'm writing in south Florida for August), the stereo is great, braking is supreme, and most of the maintenance is pretty easy - you can put fingers directly on 7 of the 8 plugs, and the airbox is 6-7 phillips screws to remove and 3 minutes later you are on #8. Coils are standard and like $25 each. Plugs are $6-13 each for premium, and air filters are readily available.

The timing belt is extensive for the 40 interference valves, but judging from another Passat with a timing chain that failed at 70K from a collapsed hydraulic chain tensioner, I'd rather have a belt for timing. Plus, a belt is easier on the head parts. Oonce the front bumper/radiator/condensor/grill are removed, then the belt and spring tensioner are owner replaceable with tools you can rent if you are a reasonable mechanic.

The prior owner was $110K deep in this car and it shows. I love it. It still looks like new, because someone with the rub keeps this level of investment in the shade and babies it. They protect your investment.

Driving - the dynamic mode rules the highway, because it lowers another 1-2" over 75mph and it really grips then. With the L the car looks more like an executive presence than most anything else on the road. Air cooled seats, with massage, and/or heat and like 10 ways to adjust; you don't want to get out. I find myself driving under the speed limit to enjoy more time being in the car and radio, LOL. Two friends that are current Merc owners (S55 and SUV) tell me they want out of the Merc and into an Audi. Audi has thought everything through on this model.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2015

24th Sep 2015, 14:40

How did the prior owner get "$110K deep" on a car whose sticker price when new was only about $70K??

24th Sep 2015, 20:28

I pulled that off by simply checking the word Calloway on my Corvette. There's a great place in Willow Grove Pa to drop off your Audi for very nice performance upgrades. Upgrades are only limited by your wallet!

18th Dec 2016, 16:49

I'm surprised about the belt comment. Does the Audi 4.2 have a timing chain? Also a monster to service, with engine removal required and a $10000 service bill, so I've heard.

19th Dec 2016, 09:00

Can't be right - a Ferrari costs $3K to service.

2006 Audi A8 Quattro Sport turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Wonderful to drive, and the best way to get top luxury motoring at minimum cost


Nothing - just routine brake discs and pads.

General Comments:

This is the best car I have ever driven, and I have driven a lot. I bought it for £7000, so depreciation is tiny now, which offsets higher fuel costs (my previous car was a Toyota Prius). However, fuel consumption is not bad. It does 40 miles per gallon on a long run and the Prius only did 50 (despite what Toyota say). If you buy the right car at this age, it can still be very reliable, and this car gives very cheap luxury motoring.

I chose to refurbish the wheels when I got it, as the alloys were tarnished and I spent a bit on a few minor body blemishes. I have a full service history, and the car has never needed anything serious over its life. It actually drives better than some newer cars.

I particularly like the power, 4 wheel drive, electric heated sports seats, and the easy of using the telephone, CDs and sat nav.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2015

2nd Jan 2015, 08:52

I agree with this approach to buying a car. I bought a luxury coupe for 10% of its original price, and now that fuel costs have come down, it's not costing a fortune for me to run.

2nd Jan 2015, 12:53

I followed this approach with on an old Honda Accord with top spec (OK I know, not a real luxury car). I followed these rules:

- Look for a full service history.

- Choose a good brand of car.

- Look for a car with good brand tyres. If the previous owner neglected tyres, then what else was neglected?

- Not too many owners.

- How long did the last owner keep the car? If the previous owner kept it for less than two years, then why did they get rid of it?

- Keep some cash spare for consumables (tires, brakes + unforeseen costs e.g. I needed a minor electrical repair).

- Buy with your head, not your heart. There is never one perfect car, but loads to choose from.

It worked OK, I got a good car at 10% of the original price for 25K+ miles. Only problem, a minor car crash meant the insurance company just wrote it off before they looked at it.

3rd Jan 2015, 12:30

Absolutely, I bought a £70k Mercedes 1 owner car for 10% of that figure and it's really indistinguishable from new.