12th Dec 2018, 11:24

Original poster here - I've just completed 10k miles since I fixed the suspension. Not a single problem since. The car is used as a motorway train AND a mild off-roader looking after our horses.

Devastatingly comfortable even after a long day in the saddle. Surprisingly economical on a run too, where I get 600 miles to a motorway tankful, at 31 MPG.

Lovely engine whispers, thrums and bellows depending how hard you press the throttle.

Still handsome, and the styling hasn't aged a day.

I seem to be a lucky one, as some owners encounter lots of small problems. Perhaps the hard use mine gets is a reliability benefit?

Keeping this for a while now.

18th Jan 2019, 10:01

Original poster here - Just covered my 13,000th mile in my A8.

Just booked in to have a couple of repairs done: a rear wheel bearing, and a washer pump. It's been really reliable, and more important, a wonderful travelling companion.

It doesn't FEEL like one of the great limousines to be fair. More like a big, top of the range Passat. All the tricks and capabilities are there, but the ambiance is cheekier than a limo. An S Class is unsmiling and businesslike while the A8 feels like a giant coupe.

The engine is a delight, with power everywhere and a melodious 7k redline if gunned.

Economy is awful round town, but surprisingly great on long runs. The styling hasn't aged a day either. No rust or failures.

Pretty happy so far. Find a nice one, and enjoy.

18th Jan 2019, 20:30

I had a 2004 Honda Accord 2 litre petrol estate. Averaged 30 to 34 MPG, went through light bulbs, trashed disk pads (until a faulty brake hose pipe diagnosed). I think you've done really well and hope the car gives you many years of service. That V8 must be awesome.

31st Jan 2019, 13:26

Cheers pal! I appreciate it!

Yeah the V8's sweet. Just a woofle when commuting, but a bellow at 7000 RPM :)

18th Mar 2019, 09:17

Original poster here -

A8s been just wondrous. Up to 19k miles on my watch now and only service items have needed replacing.

Sadly I find myself with two dogs, somewhat unexpectedly, and I need an estate.

The old girl is in for a service and MOT tomorrow, then I'll put her up for sale.

Loved just about every minute of my year with this beauty.

12th Jun 2019, 13:20

Had this over a year now, and 20k miles.

What a pleasure! Still gorgeous, comfy, fast, practical and interesting.

In that time it's needed two suspension release valves, a ball joint, a battery and a service. Not bad really.

Still in gorgeous condition, and fast as hell.

Love it.