allroad quattro 2.7bi turbo

Does everything right including performance, style, and fantastic versatility

115 words, North America


allroad quattro 2.7L turbo

Worth taking for a spin if you are after a luxury SUV

249 words, Australia and New Zealand


allroad quattro 2.7T

Exciting to drive, Depressing for repairs

98 words, North America

allroad quattro 2.7

Unreliable, costly, and time consuming

96 words, North America, 9 comments


allroad quattro 2.7T

High performance junk

147 words, Hungary

allroad quattro A6 2.7T

High performance, but poor reliability with many bugs yet to be fixed

206 words, North America, 3 comments


allroad quattro A4 V6

Audi Quattro A4

78 words, North America


allroad quattro Avante petrol

A fantastic safe fun to drive vehicle

56 words, Australia and New Zealand