1987 Audi Coupe GT 2.2L from North America




This car has had very little go wrong with intergalactic mileage, however some things have required attention. Wheel bearings, A-arm bushings and CV boots (about every 100,000mi or so), and clutch master cylinder (about every 80,000mi). I have a digital dash that will need a bulb replacement every 60,000mi or so (many people will have the whole cluster replaced, when only a light bulb is needed. Considering the mileage intervals, this it all very minor.

General Comments:

This is the best car I have ever owned! Period! Granted that it is not as fast a some modern cars, it out handles practically anything on the road even by today's standards. It has great low end torque for hill climbing and offers outstanding reliability. Having 345,000mi (yes that's miles) with the original engine/transmission speaks for itself. Believe it or not, my car still runs and drives like it did when it was new (no, I'm not kidding). Change the oil every 3000mi, as this motor really likes clean oil due to it's hydraulic lifters. The clutch will last 250,000+ if not abused (and I do a lot of downshifting). I do my own maintenance on the CGT, and find it to be fairly straightforward, with little in the way of computers and stuff to complicate things. Despite the electronic look of the instruments, it is a very mechanical car with a small mixture control computer to optimize performance. The CGT has a very comfortable ride and handles responsively, giving tons of feedback to the driver through the steering wheel. If pushed to the limit, the CGT will understeer, but judicous power application will pull the car around a turn entered too quickly. The car has a surprisingly large amount of room for a "sports coupe", with a good amount of legroom in the rear and very comfortable seats. In short... I will never sell my Coupe and feel that it is an absolute steal for the going prices, provided that the car has been well maintained and everything is in working order (parts can be expensive). Be thorough in your prepurchase. Find a pampered one because an abused or improperly maintained CGT can cost a lot to restore.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2004

1987 Audi Coupe GT 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Awesome car in its own right


On purchase the Oil pressure used to drop, a new pump was bought and cured the problem.

Burning a little Oil so had the Valve Stem Seals done.

The electric mirrors don't work anymore, but you only adjust them once anyway.

Very fuel efficient too with 60 litre fuel tank, I did 550miles with some to spare from a 1987 car, beat that

General Comments:

Over 7 years of ownership the car has been ultra reliable.

No money has been spent on engine, still original engine & gearbox.

Maintenance req'd on the 1.8 is minimal, Oil & Air filters only, can do it yourself, I do it every 5-7000 miles.

Parts are so cheap for the 1.8, but I haven't needed any anyway only an oil pump for 60pounds in 7years.

It is ultra responsive on pick and the gear ratios are excellent and reckon it is faster than any 1.8 car from 1987, it takes some beating for new standard cars even now.

Mine still does 125mph, with speedo going off the clock having done 166,000 miles.

Not the best handling in the corners, but it is a long car and with standard suspension you can't expect too much.

Even at 100mph it has so much torque and won't hestitate to blast to 125mph, power delivery is always there.

Mine still runs so smooth, even my friends 2001 3 series BMW doesn't drive as smooth, his rides is better though, it just doesn't need the revs to drive it, other cars the revs drop too quickly.

Buy a good one thought and it won't dissapoint in performance.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2004