1994 Audi Coupe S2 2.2 turbo from UK and Ireland


A beautiful, classic supercar


Sump gasket went, £250, beware it has 2 sump gaskets!

General Comments:

The best car I have ever sat in. No one knows what it is so you can pull up next to almost anything at the lights and leave them standing! 0 to 60mph is 5.7s, quattro system gives great road holding, looks a peach and is as safe as they come - I managed to put it on its roof on the M6 and get out without a scratch, unfortunately the car didn't come off so well and they are so rare - 279 ever sold in the UK - that they are hard to find in good condition.

Get one before its too late.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2004

9th Sep 2004, 04:56

Thanks for your review.

I drove a 1991 S2 some years ago and found that the Bosch Servotronic steering was so awful it was like driving a bad arcade game - far to light and absolutely no feedback. I heard that this was deleted in 1994 (I think - at the same time a 6-speed gearbox and 230bhp upgrade was introduced). I wonder if any upgrade owners have any comments about the steering quality of these later cars.

9th Jan 2005, 07:25

As an owner of a servo assisted S2 (1991) I can tell you that its very easy to remove this and go back to standard power steering. Just simply unplug the control unit for it which you can find under the back seat on the right.

1994 Audi Coupe S2 2.2 turbo from UK and Ireland


Fast, no doubt and well built, but you'll get know to the petrol station staff very well!


Passenger seat latch for tilt has jammed so the seat cannot be pulled forward to allow access to the back. Bit annoying in a 3 door car. Many bulbs have failed in the dashboard - at night I can't see what speed I am doing if I am driving at below 60. General rattles, but the car is about 9 years old - if it wasn't an Audi it would have fallen to bits by now.

General Comments:

I only purchased this S2 as a treat to myself having sold my house and having a bit of spare cash. I never intended to keep it long just to enjoy a real performance coupe for a few months. When I first test drove it I didn't think it was that quick, but I was driving it like my old Audi A4. As I got used to it I found it could be devastatingly quick, especially driven on the over-boost and because of the four wheel drive corners could be dispatched with ease. I only made it twitch a couple of times on a wet day, but in general never came too close to it's real limits. I find the suspension harsh and the seats a bit uncomfortable (heated leather) for my commuting, it is really much more of a track day car / quiet country lane car. Another point to make is the brakes, you really have to stamp on them to stop the car quick and mine pulls a bit under hard braking. Generally the car is very fast, but quite a brute to drive, modern cars feel really light and agile in comparison. A word of warning to potential purchasers - it's a real guzzler. Enjoy yourself and get 20 mpg at best, cruise on the motorway and get 23-25 mpg.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

14th Aug 2004, 11:35

I don't agree about it being a gas guzzler, I manage to get 40 mpg on long journeys no problem. I've just recently bought a 1994 2.6 engine and the only problem I find is that I cannot find an engine repair manual for it. I've been everywhere and traweled cyberspace, but can't find one. Can any of you fans of the Audi Coupe help??

29th Oct 2004, 09:10

Decent consumption also. For the brakes, A8 brakes and Porsche 968 cs or 993 calipers and RS2 bracket and off you go!

Unbelievable driving machine!

8th Jan 2006, 10:29

I have found the Audi to be an extremely fast and reliable machine. The 2.6 engine has proved to be smooth and well able to deliver power throughout the entire rev range, but it does have a preference for the 3000+ area. Having said that it will pull from low revs as it has a generous amount low revolution torque.

As far as MPG goes, I manage to return 26mpg around town and 35+ on the motorway. This compares favourably with other performance cars that I have used over recent years.

There have been problems. The fuel gauge is temperamental and the 2006 MOT caused me to purchase a catalytic converter for the princely sum of £250. Front disks were also replaced, but not bad for a car that has served me so well.

I would certainly recommend the Audi Coupe to anyone.