1994 Audi Coupe 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


Looks fantastic, has decent performance


There have been three things that have gone wrong with the car, the catalytic convertor has worn out, which was quite expensive to replace at £400.

The car has now developed a slight rattle coming from the exhaust system, so I need to get that looked at.

There used to be a squeal comeing from the power steering whenever full lock left or right was applied. But it was only the belt slipping which is fine now after being replaced.

Unfortunately some vandal has scratched both the drivers and the passenger doors. I have tried polishing them out with a scratch remover and then tried masking them with a colour polish, but they are too deep. So I will have to get them either touched up or re-sprayed at a garage.

General Comments:

I am impressed by the cars handling and cornering ability, it feels very stable and grips quite well. But it does feel heavy and big especially on narrow twisty roads, that's probably because I was used to a much smaller and nimbler Peugeot 205 Gti.

It never feels slow, but you couldn't really say it was amazingly fast. It could do with a lot more power and torque, especially at lower revs. But once you get over 4000 revs it pulls very well and feels quite fast.

Build quality is fantastic, inside and out. everything about the car feels solid, which makes it feel safe and is a pleasure to drive.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2002

31st Jul 2005, 06:27

I enjoyed reading the review as I've been buying various car mags in the hope of reading something, especially on the practical buying and running of one. Despite the previous lack of written info, I've followed the general trend of encouragement and bought one that a mechanic friend said was a good example. She's a 1994 2.0 ltr 16v with 109k miles, but in great condition, especially for the price. I'd been told the 2.3 ltr 20v model (the same as the quatro, but not 4wd) was the only one to have, but the potential increase in running and insurance costs scared me.

So, what's yours? What do you know about them? (i.e. have you heard that all Audis leak?). I'm worried that the wing mirrors will keep getting knocked because I don't think they pull in. I'm picking mine up on Monday (all being well!) so I'll know more soon. I honestly can't wait!

I'm not sure how you reply to me, but I look forward to reading your comments.


Reaz Kola.

1st Aug 2005, 15:24

I have just purchased a 1995 Audi coupe 2.0 with 118000 miles. Kingfisher blue (the best colour). I have had to replace the whole rear section of exhaust £118 and replace the front drop links £60. The only other problem I have is the rear wash and wipe doesn't work. The car is great and has half leather. Its starts first time and runs well. The bodywork is sound apart from a little rust on the bonnet as a result of stone chips. I am still within the 10 year paint warranty so am going to try my luck at my local Audi garage. Handling is lovely.


11th Feb 2006, 00:40

Bought the 2.8 Quattro and it's a dream to drive (95 model). Running through the gears makes you feel like a poes (slang meaning king). Great buy!

16th Aug 2007, 09:50

Maybe you should check your head gasket as it sounds at fault.