25th Feb 2009, 18:17

My '75 Audi Fox was the 3rd car I owned, the first one I bought from a dealer, and the worst car I owned for another 30 years. That year was the first year catalytic converters were required in the US. The Fox had some strange 3-part muffler-resonater-catalytic converter thing. And, as one poster mentioned above, that catalytic converter got HOT. Mine was constantly causing one of the 3 parts to fail. The least expensive of those 3 was $60 to purchase just the part. I finally had the catalytic converter cut off and had a straight pipe welded on instead. After that, there were no problems with that part of the car. The electrical system also gave me a lot of trouble.

16th Apr 2009, 14:19

My parents bought a 1976 Audi Silver Fox brand new that year and never had any problems with it. They passed it on to me when I went to college in 1984, and it was very reliable for me as well. I loved that car. I only drove it for 2 year because it was totaled in an accident in 1986 when someone crossed the center line and hit me. This car proved also to be very safe and durable because, other than a minor concussion, I was not injured in this accident. Thank goodness I was also wearing my seat belt.

So sorry that many of you had problems with the silver fox. My parents loved that car so much that they bought another Audi in 1982. I'm not sure of model of that Audi (I think it was a 100 or a 200), but that one was the lemon. My parents had nothing but problems with that car. Even though it was blue, we always joked that it should have been painted yellow like a lemon. They got rid of that car a few years later, and, still hopeful they would find another reliable car like the fox, bought another Audi... this one was a 1988 Audi 5000. This car proved to be very reliable for my parents, and they loved it and had it for years.

5th Jul 2009, 00:33

Glad to find this post after having a nostalgia moment about my first car, a 76 Fox. It had been rebuilt once before I got it from relatives. I think I fixed it as much as I drove it, but it taught me so much about life and mechanics that I want to write a book entitled "The best thing that ever happened to me was a $500 car"

It blew great clouds of white smoke above 3000 rpm, found out later it was bad valves. I solved this by putting the hose coming out of the head into a pop can by the radiator, which I emptied frequently.

Had to pull off the side of the road and adjust timing frequently.

Electrical problems constant.

Went through so many alternators. I could drive into the parts store and swap out in 10 minutes. Shucks lost their shirt on that lifetime alternator they sold me!

I still have the toolkit from the trunk with all the bits and pieces for timing, and jury rigging on the road.

The weirdest problem was the mechanical fuel injection, which deteriorated due to ethanol fuel. When I turned on the headlights, it drew just enough juice from the electric fuel pump to cause the car to sputter and surge. That was a real nightmare for a broke high school-er to figure out. Thank god for the generous Porch mechanic who I traded pizzas to for fixing that one!

Later, I rebuilt the whole thing and it ran OK until the clutch went out. I think she had over 200k, but very hard miles

I did love it when it ran, so much I was looking around, but I think they have all disintegrated by now. Can't even find a junker.

Yeah, the baby blue paint peeled so I painted it primer black. Quite the sight blowing white smoke down the road.

Oh well, chalk it up to great memories from high school.

21st Mar 2010, 22:23

I purchased a 1976 Audi Fox wagon new in Montana. This car was a 4 speed manual with a sunroof.

I still have the car and am looking for a replacement sun roof (existing one is rusted).

I have over 200,000 miles on this car. I did put a used engine and 5 speed manual transmission in at about 180,000 miles.

The Audi has a weak electrical system. I replaced the original alternator with a Delco-Remy alternator... No problems after that.

The 'fuse' box and relay box has inferior connections... and requires rewiring around the connections as the various turn signal and head light functions fail.

I made it a practice to use fuel system cleaner every other tank of gas. The fuel injection (CIS) is still the original and had to be re-used even with the engine transmission swap. I have only had to disassemble and clean the rust out of it once.

The car was very reliable in the snow in Montana. The air intake had to be rerouted (flexible metal ducting) in winter to draw warmer air from behind the exhaust manifold to prevent ice crystals from forming around the air sensor, causing the engine to flood and die at idle.

I had no problems with the engine, especially as far as oil consumption is concerned.

The 5 speed was a good move as I was able to get 35 mpg rather than 30 mpg. (The 5 speed transmission and engine was from a wrecked Audi in New York state). We towed a camper trailer with the car, and it was our only vehicle until I purchased a new 1984 Chrysler New Yorker, also with front wheel drive.

I still have the Audi, and am looking for body parts to restore it.

2nd Apr 2011, 01:06

My father owned a 1976 Audi Limited Edition Silver Fox. From all of the posts, it would appear that the car was just horrible. However, my father put over 149K miles on his before purchasing a newer vehicle.

If I remember correctly, the majority of cars back in the 70s from Ford and GMC were junk.


Ford Maverick design was prone to rust.

The AMC was too heavy, too goofy, and far too unreliable.

The 1977 Chevette was a really badly made, poorly assembled car. Rust, major mechanical failures, and of course leaks.

Bottom line, Audi produced a reliable car in the Fox.

27th Apr 2011, 07:55

I bought a 1976 Audi Silver Fox in 1985 for $1,300. It had a flawless black interior, glossy wood dash, and a bright and shiny silver exterior.

I had one small problem (a gas line leak), but it was unclear as to whether it was a defect in the part or if I had hit something in the road. Other than that, the car ran flawlessly, efficiently, and was a lot of fun to drive. I never even had to replace the clutch. The 4-speed manual was a blast and the car always garnered compliments.

I'm sorry so many of you had problems, but after owning several Audis, I've come to the conclusion that it's hit or miss and that they do produce some lemons, but they were always fun cars and great in the snow.

13th Jan 2013, 00:51

I have 2 experiences with the Audi Silver Fox. The first was being sold by a Toyota dealer, and its oil pressure dropped to nil at idle. The second was owned by a fellow who replaced it with a Golf, which he never shifted above third gear, because he loved to feel the acceleration! But for the first year I drove that car, I loved it... responsive, stable and very comfortable. I wish I had one now. I'm pretty sure I'd prefer it to my Hyundai.