2014 Audi Q5 S-Line Plus 2.0 TFSI petrol from UK and Ireland


Great looking, good driving SUV


Electric boot release.

General Comments:

Great SUV for a family, with loads of space in the cabin and boot, and looks classy. Lower models (e.g SE) aren't specced very well, with halogen reflector headlights, small alloys, no parking aids.

Has been very reliable for the past 2 years, with only the electric boot release going wrong. Interior has withstood 2 kids and a toddler, standing on the seats, kicking them, bashing the dashboard, and it still looks like new. However, servicing from the dealer costs loads, and so do any small repairs.

A very good car overall, just base models are pricey for the lack of equipment you get with the car.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2017

2010 Audi Q5 Premium 2.0 turbo petrol from Palestinian territories


Gorgeous, expensive to maintain, pocket enemy... Love it


Battery replaced at 50000.

Back seats making noise since I bought the car; dealer said it is normal!

General Comments:

Service is very expensive.

Transmission needs an ATF change every 50000, and that costs a fortune!

Consumable parts are very expensive.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2014

2011 Audi Q5 Quattro 2.0T from North America


The leather interior is fine, but the car doesn't deliver much more luxury for its price tag



General Comments:

First of all, the Audi seats (leather) are not so comfortable, too much on the stiff side. The Q5 ride is also on the stiff side, yet it handles well road irregularities.

The Q5 is quite spacious. The visibility in the Q5 is poor, especially in the rear and driver's side.

The Q5 has a central command panel overly complex. In fact, it is so complicated, I prefer doing the adjustments when the car is at rest, so I can keep driving safely. The plastics on the dash board and the central panel also look quite cheap, especially the dash board looks like some Korean import, despite the red digital display.

Driving position is OK. The car handles quite well, it's not spectacular, but it feels like a smaller (sedan) car, which is a good point.

Where the Audi Q5 clearly lacks is the engine-transmission power. The automatic transmission simply doesn't match the engine. The automatic transmission hesitates at low speed. The engine also lacks power at low speed. The turbo is very powerful (and noisy), but kicks in way too late, only under strong acceleration.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2011

6th May 2013, 15:26

A few months later.

Overall, this is a pleasant car without major issues, except the central radio/venting system, which like I said it's overly complex and not adapted to be used while driving, and the rather stiff ride over street bumps (my old Passat was much smoother in similar conditions).

The car gets very good mileage on the highway and it's generally very quiet. One note about the original Continental CrossContact LX tires. Those are low end tires, not worth using on a car this price. When the car was equipped for the winter with a different brand of quality winter tires, the steering was much more responsive and the car was more comfortable.

Finally, Audi should redesign the the rear luggage cover (it opens right on my head when the hatch is open) and the light switch located near the steering wheel; it gets kicked by the knees when getting inside the car.

2010 Audi Q5 Premium Plus 3.2 gas from North America


The vehicle overall is nice, so far. The problem I have is with Audi


There is a design flaw in the cargo hatch area that allows water, snow, dirt and salt from roads to run into the cargo area. This makes the sides of the area dirty and stained. What occurs is, that when the hatch is opened, even when you brush the snow off, the water etc. comes over the hatch seal and hinges into the area. It even comes onto the cargo cover. It gets really messy. Especially for a vehicle of this, supposed, quality.

Audi will not do anything about it, stating that it is operating properly. I don't think so. I can't use the cargo area in wet weather, unless I want to clean the cargo area every time. When I had a problem with my BMW, even though it was out of warranty, they stood behind it. Audi better wake up and treat their customers better.

General Comments:

The car is quick.

It's roomy in the front seat.

Rides nice.

It's comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

The dash and controls take awhile to get used to.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2010

20th Aug 2014, 21:21

I'd like to add that the car is also roomy on the rear seat. Perhaps not enough for three adults, but the leg room is just fine. I'm 6'2" and even when the driver's seat is adjusted for my legs, I can still take place on the rear seat and have enough leg room with a few extra free inches.

22nd Aug 2014, 11:01

I have had a number of rear hatch models, including crossovers. In bad weather I open the rear doors and load. It's easy and I fold the seats down if necessary and reset them up. Keeps snow and rain out of a huge rear opening. Don't know why you didn't consider this.

2010 Audi Q5 3.2 from North America


Great performance.. unmatched interior


The brakes on the car seem to be upgraded to reflect the performance you felt from the power train. Acceptable, but can be better..

General Comments:

This is a total performance car.. the engine, transmission and exterior/ interior are fantastic..

Turns heads everywhere with new LED nights.. It's a stand out on the road.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2009

17th Feb 2013, 10:06

The original review owner. Just want to add a few points.

The car has very poor rear visibility. If you don't feel comfortable with this when parking or in traffic, think twice.

After all this time, the central console controls are still a mystery. It is a pain to figure out just how to turn the vents down a little bit. Terrible engineering of rendering simple systems more and more complex at usage (I'm an engineer myself, and I think no matter how complex a system is, the user interface should always be the easiest possible. I just can't stand engineering departments who don't work together with some ergonomic designer).

The seats are relatively stiff, but you never feel tired on a long trip.

The car has very good traction in snow and is very stable on winter roads, assuming it is equipped with proper winter tires. Climbing snowy slopes is absolutely no issue. Braking in snow is not so great because the ABS takes forever to stop on slippery roads during an emergency braking. It is better to depress the braking pedal just before the ABS kicks in; the braking distances get shorter this way.