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10th Nov 2013, 21:18

Original poster.

The car has now 15K miles. It's not being driven very often. I've noticed one issue concerning the oil filling cap. There is a rubber surrounding the cap. Dust and dirt from the road accumulates on this rubber. Eventually, when the oil filling cap is removed for an oil change, the dirt falls into the engine. This car is driven in Canada, where the city puts sand and salt on the roads in the winter. The rubber surrounding the filling cap was full with sand, and I noticed that the oil cap had sand particles underneath. This is pretty important for engine life and wear.

To prevent this, I would suggest to use some sort of a sticker to fully cover the engine cover hole where the oil cap sits.

25th Dec 2013, 07:11

An update about the fuel consumption. For an SUV it's pretty good. It gets US 30 MPG on highway, 20 MPG in severe city driving conditions during summer time, and 16 MPG in severe city driving conditions during winter time, with snow on the streets and cold temperatures.

22nd Jan 2014, 22:10

It was very cold today (0F or about -17C) and I noticed that the suspension gets even more stiff in cold weather, even after driving it for a while. The suspension (probably the shock absorbers) get so stiff, the whole car feels like it's a rigid piece of wood. Over road irregularities the vehicle is so bouncy, it literally gives me nausea. It bounces like a boat in bad weather. Very unpleasant.

9th Feb 2014, 18:41

Just had a first fault, the quite common oil level switch issue. While driving the car, a low engine oil level indicator appeared on the dash. As I could read over the internet, the oil level was correct but there is actually a pretty common fault with the switch itself. There are people out there that pulled over to add a quart of oil, but then they got a message saying there is too much oil in the engine. Had the switch replaced by Audi, and things got back to normal. Note that there is no conventional oil dipstick on this engine, but rather an electric level switch inside the oil pan (the oil level is shown on the center display console in the car functions settings). There is no way to physically measure the engine oil level like in the older vehicles. However, there is an existing tube going into the oil pan at the front of the engine, and one can buy and install 'plug in' an aftermarket dipstick on sites such as eBay for around $30. I would strongly recommend this, as the electric level switch seems to be less than reliable. I don't think Audi is offering a dipstick as an option at the moment of purchase of a new vehicle, but it would be worth asking them about it. This dipstick is available on all Audi models having the 2.0T engine (such as the A4 and others).

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