4th Nov 2015, 21:21

Original poster again, and unfortunately this will be the last update. The car was stolen this spring, from the alley in front of the garage during one night. The doors were locked but it seems Audi puts a 'mechanic' key in the glove box, which the thief probably used to start the engine and drive away.

We just sold the winter tires that have been stored, to a fellow Q5 owner. Funnily enough, while helping getting the tires in the trunk, I kicked my head on the trunk cover again, which brought up souvenirs.

6th Feb 2016, 03:27

I agree with most of the above comment. The instrumentation is overly complex. The interior looks nice but the seats are too stiff. The Q5 drives great, it is very agile even on slick roads. The sluggish feel at low speeds can be remedied by driving in sport mode when you are in need of a more aggressive take off. The sluggish feel is due to the DSG gearbox that doesn't have the normal American shift point feel.

My 2015 Q5 Quattro is just under $50k, and for this price I have some negative views. At that price my Q is lacking these features: auto dimming rear view mirror, back up camera, keyless entry, park distance sensors and defrosting side mirrors. I can get all these features on a $30K Passat.

9th Nov 2018, 00:19

The 2018 Q5 still has uncomfortable, very firm leather seats as this review year. More for performance enthusiast taste. Fun to drive. Ride comfort isn't the best, even when set on comfort mode. Pronounced pavement bumps are felt through the cabin. Complex instrumentation. Overabundance of radio controls throughout alone. I spent a half hour with the owner's manual just to simply change the clock setting this week. Easy to get a speeding ticket if not careful. It will go. Handles really well when the driving mode is changed. The center of the windshield A/C somehow frosts up quickly on the outside even though we now are in Naples Fl. Have to clear the windshield often with the wipers. Will need that issue fixed. My wife actually likes driving her Buick La Crosse more than this one on trips. Better ride and more options. Both are very different. Very nice looking is sharp in all black, however maybe not the best color choice for Florida. 18,000 miles.

15th Apr 2021, 11:04

Original reviewer here (been a while). I think I found out how my Q5 was stolen, it appears any keyless car can be stolen in seconds right from in front of your home https://youtu.be/qzd1TkTGZMg

8th Jun 2021, 15:44

Original reviewer here. Seeing now the problems people have with the TSI engines, I kind of feel 'lucky' I no longer own that vehicle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKr4NB6Ng-g