2001 Audi S8 4.2 V8 from UK and Ireland


Very high quality


Electric mirror switch needed repair.

Otherwise nothing.

General Comments:

This model I purchased was a 51 plate with full Audi service history, 2 owners and in very good condition, as you would expect.

This is a very good car. You really get a feeling of quality and good design every time you get in it.

It is of course very fast with terrific handling. Does not feel big or heavy, despite its huge size. The seats are amazing, very adjustable, very comfortable. This interior is extremely well sound proofed, and double glazed. Bose sound system is fantastic quality.

Pretty bland looking exterior in typical Audi of that age. Again though, very well designed and constructed. Real good feeling of solid quality that you just don't get with most other cars.

This car eats up long journeys, they are terrific second hand value, and very practical. They have huge levels of comfort and toys. The red cabin lit up at night looks superb.

I would definitely recommend this car and would consider buying another without doubt.

The big downside of course is cost. Expensive servicing compared to most cars and in the 20 mpg economy. That said, it is 360 bhp quattro so what do you expect.

The best car I have ever owned without doubt, and puts the likes of Mercedes and most others to shame. Different class altogether.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2009

1998 Audi S8 4.2 liter V8 from Dominican Republic


Impressive Car !


Brake Pads.

General Comments:

It's an excellent car; very fast, very safe, very comfortable and beautiful.

The design is aggressive (not a mere commercial design) and very classic. Face to face with today Audi S8 models, the only thing you can think is "they are different but interesting each one".

Every detail seems to be hand made; the design and leather of the Recaro seats, the Bose sound system, the A/C, Solar Panel sunroof, TipTronic, Quattro (4WD), Xenon, Parking sensors, Electric Shade, Airbags, electric everything, etc. It makes you ask what else can I get from a car? And it makes you feel that not one of these things is fancy, but everything is right. This car is like a Rolex watch or a McIntosh (not Apple) stereo, just very well done.

I had Mercedes (S500 1998), BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc. They were very good cars but not one was even close to the S8, especially in the speed and performance part.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2008

1999 Audi S8 V8 from UK and Ireland


It is wonderful - comfortable and fast


The shield at the front of the car is low so I managed to hook the undercarriage on a kerb and lost a couple of grilles, plus needed to get the front bumper realigned...

General Comments:

It is a beautiful car and is very comfortable for long trips (say, 1,000 miles in 1-2 days).

It is very quick and initially I was in awe of it, but have grown to love driving it; my friends are in awe of me now....

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Review Date: 6th August, 2007

13th Feb 2008, 18:20

Be a bit more careful man. That is a true engineered marvel there you are driving...

2001 Audi S8 Quattro 4.2 litre from United Arab Emirates


The ultimate luxury super sedan... bar none


ESP Controller failed at 70k.

Car was stalling in traffic in very hot weather (45 degree C/plus ambient), apparently the result of a failed non return valve.

Headlight level adjuster failed at 72k.

Front brakes have squealed when reversing since the vehicle was purchased, until...

90k service just completed (i.e. at 95.6k) ; replaced the front disc rotors, oil cooler assembly due internal fracture and resulting oil / coolant mix... not a good look, the rest was standard major service items: pads, oils, filters and so on.

General Comments:

The vehicle had extended warranty and so the dealer dealt with most defects prior to the 90k service.

I do a lot of K's at range of speeds from bumper to bumper in extremely high temps to very high speed also in extremely high temps. Temps in winter are low 20s / C in the daytime.

This vehicle is without doubt one of the most pleasant super sedans I have driven.

Fantastic acceleration without any fuss (or in a hell of a rush if you use the steptronic to advantage), superb handling / suspension that inspires the driver to see if he can get the thing unstuck, the interior...wow!!!

I was always very happy owning and driving the Holden Special Vehicle product from Australia (Club Sports mainly... an SS and Senator included over the years), but this super sedan is on another planet.

In the Middle East environment and by comparison with other European marques, this vehicle has aged well...5 and 7 series BMW owners with vehicles of the same age age are complaining bitterly of mainly electrical (wiring) and electronics problems perished seals.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2006