2002 Audi S8 4.2L V8 40-valve from North America


Subtle in appearance; ferocious in performance; all-wheel, all-weather practicality!


I purchased the car during the last couple thousand miles of warranty coverage, but I unfortunately ran out of warranty on a road trip, and missed a chance to get a few repairs covered.

One rear door interior handle did not work when I purchased the car; it was a relatively inexpensive fix from a non-dealer competent Audi mechanic.

Front disc brakes were noticeably warped when I purchased the car. I was shocked that they were able to be turned relatively inexpensively, so I did not have to immediately replace the monstrous 13.6" rotors.

There have been no engine or mechanical problems of any kind during the 10,000 miles that I have owned the car thus far.

General Comments:

The Audi S8 was literally in a class by itself during the years from 2001 to 2003, when the "S" version of the A8 was imported to the USA. Its closest competitors were the Mercedes S55 AMG, Jaguar XJR, and the BMW 740i Sport. However, the Audi was the only high performance full sized European luxury sedan offering all-wheel drive. The Audi Quattro system enables this 360 horsepower super-sedan to be a downright practical car for driving all year, even in the snowbelt, where I live. And the Quattro provides exceptional grip even in dry conditions.

I have an uncle whose standard A8 has been a disappointment in the handling and suspension department, due to an overly soft suspension. The S8 uses a significantly different suspension, including siffer springs, more compression dampening, and much more substantial anti-roll bars. The result is a seriously sporting suspension and a car that exhibits virtually no lean or plowing, even in pulse-pounding curves. Yet the car remains extremely comfortable on roads that are decent or better. If you intend to cruise on long straightaways on rough roads, such as stretches of highway overdue for maintenance, the ride can be too rough to be able to take a drink without spilling on yourself. Trust me, I failed this test myself with hot coffee on a terrible stretch of interstate. But overall, this car's balance of comfort and performance is extremely pleasing, remaining luxurious and comfortable while communicating planty of road feel.

This car has the same aluminum body as the A8. The S8/A8 were the first mass produced aluminum bodied cars on Earth. The all-wheel drive Quattro system partially, but not completely, offsets the 300 or so pounds of weight savings from the lighter aluminum versus steel body panels. The S8/A8 were some of the safest cars on the road, offering an unprecedented (at that time) eight airbags.

The interior is spectacular. Passengers in my car who don't know what it is have commented that the front seats are the most comfortable that they've ever encountered. The backseats would probably earn similar compliments, except that most of my passengers do not discover the 4-way power lumbar control and power headrest control. The interior looks expensive and classy by day, and it looks like a cockpit by night with every imaginable button softly illuminated in red. The interior has a few occasional squeaks and rattles, which I am not pleased to hear on a car that was originally about $80,000 as equipped. But the very stiff suspension makes occasional squeaks and rattles harder to mute.

The all-wheel drive is fantastic. I've driven many Quattro-equipped Audis over the years, but this is the first one that I have owned. The Quattro system, mated with the Electronic Stability Control (ESP), makes starts decidedly un-dramatic. The car can whip out of a gravel driveway into swift-moving traffic without kicking up a single stone. Peel-outs are simply impossible under most conditions, and ESP must be manually deactivated if you really, really want to kick up some gravel or get yourself into a four-wheeled skid. The stability and confidence inspired by this system is simply amazing.

The subtle styling turns very few heads. The car looks like a larger A4. Virtually no one realizes that it is a German hot-rod. But the 18" OEM wheels caused one observer to comment, "The thing looks fast just sitting still!"

On top of the hot-rod engine and performance specifications, the car is ridiculously practical. I sell real estate for a living, and it is a very commodious client-mobile. While the backseat is not as limousine-like as a BMW 7-series "L" car or the Audi A8L, it will comfortably accommodate two 6-footer rear seat passengers. I've had three adults in the rear seat for a short in-town drive with no complaints. Backseat passengers are also wowed by the power rear sun shade and manual sunshades in the rear doors. There are also four dedicated rear seat air vents. The trunk is enormous, with nearly 18 cubic feet of capacity, plus a full-sized alloy spare!

This car offers an exceptionally well refined, high-performance automobile with miraculously practical utility for everyday use. That is why I purchased it: I get a German hotrod that my wife could not find any reason to veto!

Finally, the super-fast depreciation on this rare car makes it a spectacular used car buy. It sold new for $80,000 with the various options that it has. I purchased it three years old still under warranty for $34,000.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2005

29th Oct 2005, 06:02

I also have a 2001 Audi S8 purchased used as a 3 year old car for about $34k. You are correct about everything you say... I love the car. I have a comment about those brake discs. What I didn't now when I purchased the vehicle is that in its first 25k miles... the vehicle had its Front Rotors replaced 4 times and since I've had it, another 2 times. The car doesn't have 40k on it. When I've replaced them with brand new, from the factory rotors... they have warped in just a few weeks. After a good 'cutting', they begin to warp after a week or so.

It doesn't seem possible that a braking system could warp the rotors so quickly. I have spoken to Audi, dealers, independents, etc. and no one has any thoughts as to why this happens. I found one company that makes an after-market slotted rotor for this car with matching pads after someone made that recommendation. Still, it seems highly unlikely that the warping is a heat related issue... I think it's a design flaw or a screw up at the factory. Could they have installed some incorrect components during the building of this car? I'll never know.

Meanwhile, I love the car and deal with a steering wheel that shakes and shimmy's.

If anyone has any advice, please post!

2001 Audi S8 4.2L V8 40-valve from North America


Great car, horrible service


S8 buyers beware! Do not buy without reading this!!!


Don't get me wrong, the S8 is a great car, but God help you if something goes wrong.

I ordered my car in January 2001. Six months later I received it and loved it. I had a minor accident and damaged the right front wheel and control arm after 6 months. First the car had to be shipped 800 miles to be repaired (estimated time was 3-4 weeks, tops). The car has been under repair now for 12 weeks. The mechanic has had this car half as much as I have.

General Comments:

Audi's part supply and delivery is a joke. I waited seven weeks for a piece of dashboard wood that was broken when they removed it (they had to take the car almost apart to repair just this area!). When it was finally delivered back to my local dealer, they left off the front fog light cover and the car had no brakes. Audi sent another wrong cover for the fogs. The dealership has yet to even determine what the brake problem is.

This is a nightmare car. I also own an antique Maserati, one of only 100 made. I can get parts quicker and more dependably for this car than I can for a brand new Audi! I shopped diligently before I bought this car. I heard the great stories about Audi. Trust me, hearing them and living them are two vastly different things.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2002

9th Jan 2003, 11:22

I own an Audi A6 and I have never experienced the problems in which you describe. This sounds like a very dealership specific problem. I work across the street from my dealership and they have been absolutely fantastic at service (which I only needed once and it wasn't something wrong with my Audi after all). I recommended Audi to everyone I have ever known and it is terrible when bad service gives superior engineering a bad name.

14th May 2006, 06:32

Yeah OK...

8th May 2008, 10:53

I too own an A6 2.7 and an S8 and I have NEVER encounted the issues that you have. I would (and will) gladly purchase another Audi without hesitation, my service has always been top notch. Granted some parts do take time to arrive from overseas, but it's a minimal inconvenience.

18th Jun 2009, 13:10

Snap yourself up a fine domestic car and you will be happier.