1st Aug 2007, 21:47

I have a 2001 S8 that was bought when 4-years old (and 16,000 miles on the odometer). The vehicle now has 38,000 miles and I have not experienced any rotor warpage. I too have upgraded to 19" wheels with larger openings and have only had to deal with slightly more harsh ride (and the occasional bent rim, care of NJ's wonderful highway system).

As for mileage, I have a 20 mile commute that generally takes 60-75 minutes in stop and go traffic, generating about 14mpg. Long distance, uninterrupted driving has yielded 20-22mpg at average speeds of 75-85mph.

I also have some minor unexplained rattles and squeaks, but wouldn't trade this car for a new one at any price... it has an edge and attitude that the new vehicles have smoothed over. If anyone knows of a performance ship or supercharger application for this vehicle, I'd love to get the information... saw Ronin too!

2nd Aug 2007, 07:26

Fist aluminium car ever made? You have got to be kidding me. First aluminium car ever made was Land Rover series I. Almost sixty years ago.

5th Aug 2007, 20:48

Regarding the issue of stiff suspension on the S8 (that was unanswered) : (1) That's how Audi designed it, (2) many owners like it that way (I'm not one of them), (3) something can be done about it. I can guarantee you that my recommendations will be taken as heresy by most S8 owners, but you are not alone in your concerns. Those of us who have gone through bent/broken wheels as we've attempted to survive the Michigan winter wonderland will be accepting of the Draconian methods I am recommending. The design compromises Audi made were not compatible with the road conditions and normal winter velocity appropriate in this environment.

First, check your wheels; if they are 19" ditch them as soon as the tires are ready to be replaced. Audi made very nice 17" wheels for the A8 that are a good alternative.

Second, buy all-season tires for the replacement 17" wheels. The additional 2" will save a lot of bending and breaking and the sidewall structure will eliminate harshness. Third, check with your Audi dealer for the shocks that normally are used with the same vintage A8; replace your current shocks with the A8 shocks. Changing the size of the wheel, the type of tire, and the stiffness of the shocks will make a big difference. If you're concerned that these modifications will turn you're S8 into a Buick, then do one modification at a time and monitor the effect. If you make one (or all) of these changes let us know how you evaluate your new ride.

17th Aug 2007, 15:33

Hey about my comment above. I bought a Ming Blue one and I absolutely love it. Not as fast as my 911 turbo was, but not a sweat-box either. I've been putting miles on it and aside from a minor glitch I can't seem to figure out (intermittent passenger headlight out) Replaced the controller still have an issue??

I do love flying along in ice cold a/c... I almost bought another saab for a family car... But so glad I went with the S8.

Thanks for the OBDII link above... One on order! That will be a lifesaver.

24th Dec 2007, 14:48

I recently purchased a 2001 S8 and I love it... however I am having a continued check engine light regarding "system too lean"...I have replaced vacuum hoses and now still get the same codes... someone tells me it could be the MAF filter or my gas cap could be faulty... with only 45,000 miles on the car I suspect the gas cap to be good as it also passed emissions here in Arizona. I am trying to find the problem and fix it myself with a handy car guy... I dread taking it to a dealer... ANY IDEAS?

9th Jan 2008, 13:42

I have a 2001 S8 with 56,000 miles on it. I've had brake issues ever sense I bought it 2 years ago along with a laundry list of other problems. I've always owned BMW's, and will be going back to one soon.

13th Feb 2008, 18:18

I am the proud owner of a 2001 Audi S8. The previous owner BABIED this thing to death and I swear it is like brand new. It was meticulously maintained by an Audi Dealer. Not a mark on it inside and out. The alacantara leather seats don't even have wear lines in them.

I love this car. It is fast, smooth and makes you want to drive it. The paint (finish) on an Audi is the best. It shines like no car I have ever owned before. The post that asked about the rough ride is correct. That is the way these cars are supposed to ride, kind of like a new vette. Stiffer suspension larger anti-sway bars for doing some serious spirited driving. This thing would make a great police car. "It ain't your Daddy's Grand Marquis!"

I agree that these cars are the BEST used car deal out there. No one seems to have ever heard of them before and they are an excellent value when buying them as a used car.

I recently e-mailed Audi of America and asked them how many 2001 S8's were imported into the US? They said only 531! This car is rare (no wonder I never see them on the road)

Buy one and you will love it. They are AMAZING! The best of both worlds, 360 HP for the road, AWD when you need it in winter and complete luxury. (The 200 watt 12 speaker BOSE stereo system is sweet too!) A true kick A$$ car.

18th Mar 2008, 19:42

I own an 02 S8 which I've had for 3 months. It has 66,000 miles on it. I had several mild heart attacks yesterday driving in very inclement MN weather on the Dunlop SP3000 (no sipes) which have only 4/32 of tread left.

I would like to replace these tires with an all season tire that will perform well during MN winters and will give reasonable handling in the summer. I am most interested in balanced all weather performance rather than the stiffest sidewall or stickiest summer performance.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


3rd Jun 2008, 12:24

Hi everyone. I am in the market for an S8. It has been a dream of mine to get one of these bad boys since I was Ronin LOL.

I recently seen one for sale that caught my interest; it's an '02 S8 with 71,000 in midnight blue.

To all the S8 owners, how has your S8's performance been when over 50k? I really don't care about price, I've been looking at CL55's, M5's, and E55's, but the S8 has just always stuck out to me!

Any insight on these questions would be most helpful.


D, NY.

12th Apr 2009, 07:01

Hello guys...

I would like to know more about the Audi S8 2001 models, as I read all the owners comments about this car, because I'm a big fan of Audi S8 and planning to buy one. I am a college student and working too, so the most important thing that matters to me, is I need to know how is the maintenance of this car and the cost of it, and in my knowledge that it costs a lot.

Second important thing is that are the complaints of the owners of this car, rather than the brakes/rods, which as I noticed is a common problem between all owners. But what surprised me is that I didn't read a complaint from anyone about the gearbox, which I heard from many people that old models of Audi, like less than 2002, have a lot of problems in the gearbox. Many had been suddenly damaged because they are bad, and the owners had to put a new one that cost a lot because it is a whole gearbox transmission.

Last but not least, I heard from some owners in the gulf region where the weather is too hot that they had their cars overheat... Please advise me about the car in general, and especially about the points I mentioned, including the gearbox transmission, maintenance and costs (reliability), and overheating problems.