2000 Audi TT 180 Quattro Coupe 1.8L turbo from North America


All season sports coupe. Beats the competition in usability


No faults. I did however get a look at its complete history, and other than a few very minor things, it's only ever needed regular servicing. These engines are pretty tough as far as I know.

General Comments:

My philosophy on the TT:

I'm very satisfied with the TT. It's essentially a VW Golf with all-wheel drive practicality. Its good on fuel and has good storage space with the big trunk lid. It does what it was designed for very well.

I love that I can take it to the slopes in the winter time for snowboarding, and that it doubles as a beautiful sport coupe for the hot months.

It is not a sports car for the track, so comparing it to the Z4 and Boxster is futile. Those cars are designed with the enthusiast in mind, and are built for a different purpose than the TT. The Audi wins in the usefulness/practicality department. As practical as a young guy like me needs to be anyway. My girlfriend and I go camping with it, take long road trips, and have fun every kilometer of the way.

This car has, and will continue to age very well. The design still looks modern even for a decade old car. Interior is very well done and blows the Porsche and BMW out of the water, arguably even the new ones.

For the tall people out there, you'll find the TT surprisingly accommodating. It has that same bulging ceiling that the VW Beetle incorporates into its structure, making for ample amounts of head room. Tilt and telescopic steering for added comfort adjustment. From the outside, you'd think the visibility is extremely lacking, but take a seat in the cockpit and be pleasantly surprised at exactly how much you can see. The way the roof line slopes down to the front of the car serves well to keep blinding sunlight out of your face.

I don't go to the dealership for service, because there is a local specialist with a great reputation who has more years experience and is much less expensive. Anyone else should consider the same for a car out of warranty.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2010

2000 Audi TT 1.8 from North America


For looks and handling. Not engine wise


Thermostat - replace this yourself if you can. Dealer will charge 4 hours worth @$90/hour. The part is $75. Learn to fix the car yourself and you'll save $$$. BUT the engine compartment is very tight, and you'll spend a lot of time trying to replace parts.

Mass air flow sensor - Common problem and it's $250. It'll cause decreased performance if not working up to par.

Brakes - This is maintenance; they were original when I bought the car at 98K.

Passenger door sensor failed - It doesn't recognize that the door is open, so dome lights never turn on nor does the window creep down when you open it (it's supposed to).

Oil changes will cost near $100, but extended intervals of 10,000km. Quattro-haldex system also needs oil changes every 25,000 @ $300.

Cooling system sucks, it will start to overheat in about 25 degrees C weather. It's considered to still be within operating range, thus not a concern to the dealership. Turn the A/C on and the radiator fans will kick in and bring the temps down. That's not normal to me...

General Comments:

Quattro on this car is very good, especially in snow. Buy the 225hp version because you'll always be looking for more power, even if you chip it. Some say just get the turbo upgrade, but as I said under the hood is so cramped, you don't want to mess with anything not broken.

The car is also really picky about being upgraded engine wise. I have several mods, and if your car is not running at 100%, those mods will make your car worse. Vacumm leaks or boost leaks will haunt you when trying to find them.

Great looking car, and I get comments all the time. The back seat is useless. Handles great though.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2007