2002 Audi TT 225 Quattro Coupe 1.8 turbo 225 from North America


Beautiful body and worlds best interior


Nothing has gone wrong with my car. It is brand new and only has 2500 miles, but so far, not a single missed step.

General Comments:

I believe that the 225 TT quattro coupe is nearly the perfect sports car. The exterior styling is gorgeous and unique. I don't think a more beautiful car is made today by any manufacturer, and the interior styling and materials are even better. This car is an instant classic and as such is a bargain at $35K which I paid, with every option except nav.

Performance is adequate for a sports car with excellent braking and spirited acceleration. Turbo lag is only slightly bothersome, and outward visibility is marginal, though an easy tradeoff in exchange for great looks.

The only serious shortcoming of the TT is the lack of razor sharp steering control. My first car was a non-power assisted CRX-Si which handled perfectly. My next car was a Maxima SE which handled poorly until I added Eibachs and Tokico's.

Though my car has only 2500 miles, I will probably change the springs and struts this summer. With luck, it will be transformed into the perfect driving machine for me. It is already pretty close.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2003

2002 Audi TT Quattro Roadster 225 hp, 1.8T from North America


The best styled high-performance car on the market



General Comments:

The styling (interior & exterior) is the best of any auto in history.

The 225 is quite powerful. The twin intercoolers provide quick-response acceleration when you want it. Steering with the accelerator is a pleasure.

The quattro AWD allows the car to hug the road. Combined with the ESP (Electronic Stability Program), it's hard to force the tires to slip on wet pavement, even when you're trying to.

Given that this car has better performance than a standard Boxster, why would you buy anything else in this category?

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Review Date: 15th July, 2002

2002 Audi TT 225 Roadster 1.8 turbo from UK and Ireland


A High Speed Automotive Work of Art


A few rattles and squeaks. But that's about it.

There was a damaged alloy wheel when I picked it up, which the dealer replaced there and then.

General Comments:

Although not as quick as my previous car, it's still a pretty quick car and corners beautifully.

Ride is a little hard, but still acceptable.

For a convertible, Scuttle Shake is minimal.

Build quality seems good.

It looks like nothing else on the road (except the other TT's of course!)

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2002