23rd Jul 2004, 08:29

My 2001 T T convertible is great overall.

The handling, acceleration, visuals, and braking are all fantastic.

However I have experienced some problems.

The front shocks are extremely squeaky and audible to pedestrians (quite embarrassing). The drivers door does not meet the frame properly and results in much creaking. My headlights are constantly losing power due to an electrical problem. Both windows refuse to go all the way up some days. I have also had the drivers side rear stabilizing shock shear itself off, with no explanation from the dealer. And finally there is a high pitched noise coming from the passenger side dash board when I go over bumps.

My car is in to the Audi dealer right now being serviced for most of the above complaints for the second time.

Overall though I thoroughly enjoy the car, possibly because I live close to the dealer and it isn't a problem taking the car in.

10th Sep 2004, 18:14

I have a 2000 Audi TT Coupe FWD 180hp. I currently have 93,500 miles on the car. Here are some of my recent problems:

**80,000 miles new tires.

**81,000 water pump shattered. Replaced this with timing belt. $1,800.

**83,000 front suspension started squeaking intermittently. Very embarrassing to passengers, annoying to myself.

**84,000 noticed a slight loss of oil, about 1/2 quart every 5,000 miles.

**88,000 miles. Started to notice slight coolant leak.

**88,500 miles. Driver window 1-touch switch doesn't work anymore. Have to hold the window button to close the window.

**89,000 miles. Driver window stops closing all the way.

**93,200 new tires again. The car has so much negative rear camber, that even "50,000 mile tires" wear out in less than 15,000. And no, the manufacturers don't honor their warranties, because they claim it is a problem with my alignment. It's not a problem with the alignment-- Audi designed this car with -2.10degrees rear camber-- way too much.

**93,500 losing water at a rate of 0.5 liters per day. Have to fill up the coolant every time I drive it. Basically undrivable until fixed. It is either the head gasket ($2,000 repair) or water pump gasket ($1,000).

However, I love the styling of this car, which reminds me of a blend between a mid-1950's Porsche Speedster and a mighty 1936 Auto Union Grand Prix race car. It's also a blast to drive... and as a former pro motorcycle racer, I have a good idea of what performance is. But for everyday use? And with Audi factory service rates running $140 per hour? I don't know if I could recommend this vehicle to my friends.