21st Feb 2008, 17:27

What went wrong with this vehicle? Where do I start. Bought it at a auction for $6900 Cdn 4 years ago. First the auto tranny went. $4000 to replace (got ripped off) but they were the only guys that would work on it. The the Idle sensor went, then the rpm sensor. Replaced both myself. At the same time fuel pump went. Had that changed at a garage. Drove to Mexico and the radiator went. Had that replaced in Mexico. I am now going to change the lights in the dash and what a pain to remove it. Had the front brakes redone, but that is normal wear and tear.

Having said all that this is one beautiful car! The interior is comfortable, spacious and nicely laid out. The sound system is just awsome. Only 4 speakers but tuned for this car and is unbeatable! On the highway it is whisper quiet. I have lived in Mexico with this car for 1.5 years and the roads generally are not the best but this baby takes it in stride. Not a rattle to be heard! This is one awsome highway car! When I park this car in a car lot it gets the most looks of any car. In a word "Great"!

7th Jan 2009, 01:54

There are 192000 miles on my Audi V8Q 1990. Great car from any perspective.

Have repaired most everything, and happy to do it and drive again.

Among the things I replaced are an injector, CV boots, idle control valve, repaired sunroof, replaced noisy electric motor for intake of air for the temperature control, bypassed the heater core, dropped transmission to replace rear main seal on the engine, replaced the bushings on the parallel bar, have gone through few fuel pumps, few sensors for top dead center, practically all hydraulic hoses, rebuilt the rack and pinion, front shocks, engine mounts... and so on.

I got the car in 1997 on 70000 miles. Just smog checked it - the results showed close to zero emissions.

A few weeks ago, something funny began happening. I did all of the above repairs myself, but now I have no idea where this comes from. The car starts normally, and after about 10-15 minutes it kind of misfires on idle. Not all the time, but roughly once every second. It is doing it randomly, the rpm goes up and down (between 600 and 850), and if I give little gas, to about 1100 rpm, engine begins to run much smoother.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to that?

Would be very helpful in the troubleshooting process, since I am planning to try to fix it myself.

16th Feb 2010, 21:43

Cold start sensor possibly? I have that problem on my 86 Scirocco 8v.

12th Mar 2010, 21:46

Just got my Quattro a couple of weeks ago. It runs like a champ. A few problems though. The used dealer I got it from fix a couple of them. The speedometer is still messed up though. It's annoying because the car runs so smooth and fast, I'm afraid I'm going to get myself into trouble not knowing how fast I'm going and really can't tell. I have plans for this car as soon as I can afford it.