1990 Audi V8 Quattro 3.6 V8 from North America


Politically incorrect thirsty V8, yeah, so what? Wonderful, wonderful car!


Got this car from a local used car dealer who had no idea whatsoever what he had.

He got it from a wholesaler who was also totally clueless - all service records were discarded!

Car has 139,000 miles on it, and has had a number of minor issues (like any used car), none of which have cost much to fix.

General Comments:

This is absolutely NOT a car for someone who goes running to the dealer for every little thing (in fact, for anything - USA Audi dealers have a *TERRIBLE* reputation, and they have fully earned it.)

Before you get into one of these, it is a good idea to have owned an earlier Audi, preferably a 5000 series (type 44) for a few years, and to have done much of your own work.

That said, this car is the equivalent of the Millennium Falcon from the first Star Wars movie - obsolete, cranky, hard to work on, wildly complicated, but man, oh man, when you get this car on the highway, hang on tight! Remember the scene where they finally get the warp drive working and all the stars blur past backwards? Well that's what happens from 75 mph up when you nail this - all the other cars on the highway just blur past backwards!

Get AAA plus, it comes with a bail bond certificate (you'll need it), join the Audi discussion group on the internet (you'll need that, too), and enjoy.

Wonderful, delightful ride, comfortable, goes like stink, handles superbly, stops on a dime and gives change, I don't care if it only gets 15 mpg around town.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2003

24th Feb 2004, 08:46

Amen!Couldn't have said it better myself, you are right on with this wonderful car.Thanks.

5th Jul 2004, 18:57

I have driven the 4.2 quattro, from 1992, and I can say that that it must be looked after well if it is to work, because the engine is old technology, and I really flied with the car, I mean I put it into automatic first gear, it started with a little wheelspin (!) then put it into second and your already around 60 mph at the middle of second gear, its crazy. Driving it is another story, silky smooth responsive steering along with no body roll, and as you know there is a switch which has buttons like M, S and I don't know the third one, well I used it on S which I think is sport, and it literally flied away, this year I'm buying the 2001 A6 V8 Avant 4.2 Quattro. So you can say I have a love for these beyond reality cars...

1990 Audi V8 Quattro from North America


The most outstanding car I've ever driven


Thus far, the major thing that has "gone wrong" is the oxygen sensor. However, maintenance on a car of this age should be expected as part of the package. The only other problem observed is a fluctuating speedometer, which we are still trying to diagnose/fix. A major tuneup is in the offing, again a part of standard maintenance.

General Comments:

Goes like stink! Handles fabulously. Turns only the really observant heads because it carries subtlety to a screaming extreme. (No V-8 badges, only an understated "quattro" woven into the rear window deicer. Etc.) I have owned many odd and delightful cars (New BMW in 1968, current others include 1989 Merkur and 1976 Cordoba) but this is not (a) the most outstanding car I've ever owned and even (b) the most outstanding car I've ever driven. By the way, did I mention I love this car?

The 1990 also is the only one of these great V-8's that DOES NOT have the electronic speed governor that holds the later ones down to 135 mph. (Handy if you need to get across eastern Montana and right now!!!

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Review Date: 1st March, 2003