2007 Bentley Continental GT W12 from North America


Best exotic car I ever owned


I've read some of the comments about the problems with the Continental GT. A lot of the comments are pretty accurate; the tire pressure sensors on mine went bad, after a tech got the tire gauge stuck on the sensor and snatched it off, and my tire pressure light came on. That was a easy fix, just replace all tire pressure sensors.

Another comment I saw was the bumper sensor goes off a lot; well there's a button on the dash you can push, that shuts off the warning sound.

Another issue with the GT is they eat up batteries, but you must keep the car on trickle charge everyday, also a easy fix.

The next issue with the GT, is the front bushings go bad because the W12 engine is so heavy they just wear out over time. That's about a 3000.00 repair, which is all I've spent in 10 years of ownership besides brakes, oil changes, and tires.

General Comments:

I still own my GT, and for an old car it still looks great, and people tell me all the time they love my car; most people can't tell what year it is. The car still drives good, it's a very heavy smooth driving car. If it wasn't for my GT I wouldn't have an exotic car to drive, My Ferrari has been in the shop so many times, with very high running cost ranging from 3500.00-10,000.00 a year, depending on service. The clutch only last about 12,000 miles depending on your driving skills, and conditions.

But my Bentley has been very reliable, and I really can't nick pick the car because my running cost has been really reasonable. When owning a high end or exotic car, check engine lights are going to come on from time to time, sensors are going to go off. If you don't like seeing indicators malfunction every now and then, you better go buy a Toyota.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2018

2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed 6.0 W12 from UK and Ireland


Without a doubt the best car I ever experienced


Nothing, but it has been owned for only a short time.

General Comments:

Without a doubt the finest car I have ever owned.

Fantastically comfortable.

Re-mapped the ECU to 660 BHP, 820NM. Insanely fast, yet tame when light on the throttle.

How a 2450kg car can be so fast is astounding. The surge of acceleration is continuous and simply amazing.

The 10 mile commute to work returns 16 MPG through back lanes, A roads, traffic lights, roundabouts, and a short motorway stretch.

On a 250 mile run it averaged 22 MPG at 70-75mph before the re-map - which seems to have improved fuel use by perhaps 10%.

Driving slow or fast is a treat!

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Review Date: 7th October, 2015

29th Mar 2017, 01:34

A brief update on the Bentley...

Having used and enjoyed the car for a while now, a few faults have been experienced.

Engine misfiring which was diagnosed to be 2 ignition coils breaking down.

This was diagnosed using a snap on one scanner, searching the data files for the VW Phaeton. The Bentley uses Bosch Motronic ECUs, which are very common on other cars, so can be scrutinised without having to use a main dealer.

A spark plug had also been eroded, which could have been caused by the faulty coils.

Changing the above parts was straight forward, only requiring removal of the air boxes to get access. If other cylinders had faults, the intake manifold would likely have needed removing, but not in this case.

Testing on a 4wd rolling road, it made 669bhp and 957nm. This is remapped by Avon tuning, but still with standard exhaust system, filters/induction, turbos etc.

Loving the car and driving; it really feels like an occasion.

25th Dec 2017, 11:12

Update, update, update.

Engine misfiring continued.

The car has 33000 miles from new, and has been used for normal road driving only.

It appears to have run lean, which burned numerous valves and scored the cylinders. Engine is severely damaged.

No compression on 2 cylinders - which previously appeared as misfires.

Low and varied compression on the remaining cylinders.

Being an AluSil block (same manufacturer using method as Audi V8, Veyron W16... refinishing the bores is a very skilled and risk prone activity with little liability by those involved).

Replacement long block is Bentley's recommendation at a cost of £25350 (no typos).

Bentley were unhelpful; unwilling; slow, and are offering no goodwill in repairing the car.

Escalating the problem to the head of customer relations (who reports to Durheimer) resulted in dissatisfaction and rejection of the request for help.

Be warned Bentley will NOT help you if your car has issues.

Thanks to their dismissal my next Bentley will be an ASTON MARTIN.

27th Dec 2017, 15:58

Should you always be running 93 octane gas? Maybe someone ran 87 regular to save a few pennies.

1st Apr 2018, 08:01

It gets Shell V-Power with RON of 99.