25th Dec 2017, 11:12

Update, update, update.

Engine misfiring continued.

The car has 33000 miles from new, and has been used for normal road driving only.

It appears to have run lean, which burned numerous valves and scored the cylinders. Engine is severely damaged.

No compression on 2 cylinders - which previously appeared as misfires.

Low and varied compression on the remaining cylinders.

Being an AluSil block (same manufacturer using method as Audi V8, Veyron W16... refinishing the bores is a very skilled and risk prone activity with little liability by those involved).

Replacement long block is Bentley's recommendation at a cost of £25350 (no typos).

Bentley were unhelpful; unwilling; slow, and are offering no goodwill in repairing the car.

Escalating the problem to the head of customer relations (who reports to Durheimer) resulted in dissatisfaction and rejection of the request for help.

Be warned Bentley will NOT help you if your car has issues.

Thanks to their dismissal my next Bentley will be an ASTON MARTIN.

27th Dec 2017, 15:58

Should you always be running 93 octane gas? Maybe someone ran 87 regular to save a few pennies.

1st Apr 2018, 08:01

It gets Shell V-Power with RON of 99.

10th Jun 2020, 21:47

Did you find what the problem was? I have a Cayenne Turbo 955 (first gen) and it started having the same issue (although you didn't really describe how it feels, more like what has gone wrong by looking at the diagnostic tools). The problem was wrong oil used before me and the valve lifters got stuck on some part of the engine, I don't remember which one. No one could help me, they offered me a new engine, which was out of question.

So I did an engine flush for the oil, and when changing the oil we managed to put more of it into the engine (because it was clogged, it could only get 7.5l instead of 8l, if I remember correctly, maybe it was 7l instead of 7.5l). Now it is almost 100% good. I have seen a lot of Carrera's with such problems, and I wouldn't be surprised this is the same problem with your 6L W12.

I used 0w40 Marly ceramic oil (even if I think they are the best lubricant manufacturer in the world, I think you can't go wrong with some Redline, Motorex...).

Best regards.