1989 Bentley Turbo R 6.75 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


The roof had to be resprayed.

The car was taken back to the dealers within a few weeks for major service defects which should have been picked up during the famed Rolls guarantee checks. The car has turned out to have been to the USA, and has been extensively modified to suit their smog laws. It bears no resemblance performance wise to an English spec, being some 50bhp down. This car was sold from a Rolls Royce main dealer, who did not bother to inform me of this important information. The car is an oddball, and worth 000's less than it should be, its performance is no better than an English spec Bentley 8.

General Comments:

Buy a Mercedes S Class, at least their dealers must keep a standard, if things go wrong, to keep their dealerships.

Try a good independent if you must buy, they have been very helpful with good advice in determining why the car did not perform as it should. It has been serviced by main dealers over the last 3 years, including November 1999, and the previous owner also did not know the car had been modified or been to the USA, enough said. Do not expect any help from Rolls in a disagreement with a main dealer. Best car in the world?, more like ripoff a mug.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2000

7th Nov 2007, 17:23

Whether you're rich or not, you should try a small Honda. Bet you'd love it. :)

23rd Aug 2008, 04:39

I agree. Small hondas are great - if you want to test the 4wd capabilities of a Land Rover. The front bumper provides a nice approach angle :P Bentleys and Rolls on the other hand, are absolute fantastic buying. It is extremely hard to justify spending more on a new car than a 1990 Bentley Turbo R, the fuel and service bills, while expensive, do not equate to the sacrifice of an inferior vehicle. Someone has footed £100000+ depreciation on these, which makes them ultimate buying.