12th Mar 2008, 09:16

Hi there, new to the site and hope someone can help me.

My dad bought a 1988 Turbo R with broken "Tandem Distributor Timing" belt, I have replaced the belt and want to double check I have set it up properly.

Thank you in advance.


5th Sep 2008, 07:12

I bought my Turbo R Bentley recently from a well known dealer near Harrogate. Their service was exemplary. It has done 66,000 miles and looks 18 months old. never mind 21 years. Full service, including spongy brakes sorted, before collected and three or four minor dings on the body work caused by people opening doors on it over the years. Now utterly immaculate inside and out.

The drive is just wonderful. A smiling feelgood experience. I am wondering why I did not buy one years ago.

It is genuinely quick for a big beast, handles as nimbly as you need and has real wow factor.

Then the petrol issue. I heard horror stories of consumption, but have not found it too bad. Think it is averaging out at around 17-18 mpg, not very different from my 500SL Merc. And there is no comparison between the two.

Anyone reading this, in two minds, assuming you have the cash to fuel it and maintain it, just do it. For the price of some mass produced modern junk, you get a real car.

19th Oct 2012, 00:09

I'm in Auckland, New Zealand, and my current drive is a '99 Jaguar Sovereign with the 4 litre V8, sapphire blue, 100k miles.

I, too, am looking at "upgrading" to a Bentley Turbo R, dark green, NZ$16,000, which would be half the average cost for such a car, except it has a few A/C and heater issues.

Your comments re if worth the upgrade, are now also answered, and I'm getting a Bentley ASAP!

Thanks for the comments.