8th Apr 2007, 00:56

Hi I am the original reviewer of the 130. This is my final feedback of what I think of BMWs.

I think BMW have lost the plot - they have done everything right in terms of marketing. If you can put your emotion aside and look at the car for what it is, it's nothing special. I like the old ones as the ergonomics are better.

They are cutting so much corners now that new cars are now rattling. The BMW 130 I had claims 0-100 speed of 6.1 sec, it's a big lie. That engine is slow, and the noise is nothing, it's just a good exhaust note. I don't understand the fuss about that straight six 3 ltr. It's a slow car.

The windows rattles like hell, air conditioning systems isn't powerful in summer, dealership service is terrible, they think you are wealthy so the rip you off with one big oil change bill.

The seven series too - my father got one, the idrive is terrible, and who builds a V8 the size of 3.5 or 4 ltr. If you want a V8, make it at least sound like a V8 like a Ford muscle car.

In short, new BMWs are over priced, and in terms performance they are over rated. BOTH Japanese and American cars have catch up the germans, for me BMW remains a true badge buyers dream, it's for people who wants to show who they are, and the BMW company knows that. That's why they are beginning to make low quality cars.

I should have purchased a WRX sti, as it handles better than a BMW. The rear wheel drive of a 130 is overrated. Without the tail of the hatch, the car is tail happy.

I also don't believe 130 would be a safe car in a crash, it's a tiny car, for the same price if you're after safety, go buy a bigger car like Ford or Volvo if you want safety. For speed I am sure it's easy to find cars match to the 130 or faster.

BMW badge buyers dream.. no point..

In terms of what it does.. it's over rated by their glossy broucher. The 1 Series is nothing special, lot of problem, cramped interior, slow, rattles. Give it a miss!

17th Apr 2007, 06:48

I have to say I disagree with the comments made here. The engine in the 130i is widely respected as the best 3.0 available - infinitely more advanced than that in the R32. It is massively advanced, revs beautifully and has a progressive, but very powerful delivery. It sounds like the squeaking windows have somewhat clouded your opinions. I'm on my third 1 series, and have to say that there is only one fix to this highly irritating fault. GT85, a commonly available Teflon lubricant (from Halfords or other stores) need only be applied once to the seals to rid the squeaking for good. Just spray the seals with the straw attached, leaving a couple of coats, and the problem disappears. I applied six months ago, and wash the car every weekend with no reccurance. In terms of the handling, the 130i is great, compliant, but stiff - much better than the 120d I owned previously. If I was picky I would say the rear was a little two stiff, and the steering rack could be a touch faster, but apart from that I'm very happy. In terms of dealerships, I agree that there has been a marked drop in service over the last two years. I agree when paying at least 40% over other cars, you expect some thing more from your dealer. In terms of oil service cost, mine is £130 in VAT which is significantly cheaper than many less premium brands.


3rd May 2007, 07:11

I owned my 130 a month or so. So far it's one of the most amusing car I've driven - and it's a prefect compromise. I live in the city and would like a small car, but didn't want a two seater because in case of emergency I need to be able to drive a couple of friends from one party to another. Love driving RWD and stick.

Before I bought it I tried out a couple of other cars like the Audi S3 - which was a very good car, but far from as fun to drive as the rear-wheel drive 130i. I like the way I can press down the DTC to make the car loose control in a sensible way.

One o the few things I miss is maybe a diff-lock...

I have another two years of free service so I'm not that worried...

So far so good - but we'll see, I'll be back with a report...

// So far happy owner.

5th Jun 2007, 18:53

I'm a very proud owner of a 2006 120d and have been for the past 10months. After test driving an A3 TDI, an A4 1.8T, an Alfa 147 and Lexus IS250 - I was sold the second I drove the BMW.

I have driven almost 15,000klms and the car as a matter of fact has gone in for its first service this morning.

I can relate to the annoying window/door creaking rattle that most of you have experienced, however upon alerting the dealership of this issue it was resolved very quickly and 'touch wood' has not returned. I have however had issues with squealing brakes - which hopefully should be rectified during today's visit.

My previous car was a 2003 Saab 9-3 Convertible Aero - which I absolutely loved - and still often wonder why I sold. But, I needed to update and the 1-Series was the choice. I have driven several makes over the last 12years, from Toyota to Ford, Honda to Holden, Peugeot to Saab and now BMW. I have not regretted for a single moment the decision to buy this car. The colour choice perhaps wasn't the best - black!

My only concern now, is an issue with steering. The dealership gave me a brand new 120i to use while mine is in being serviced, however I noticed on the drive back to my office, that the steering is much different to mine. I have to fight the steering wheel when the road gets a little rough. It feels like the wheels are caught in tram tracks and they have a life of their own. I put it down to the 'car' as the test model did the same. The 120i did not steer like this. Should I be concerned? Can anyone offer any advice?



7th Jun 2007, 20:34

Hi Rhonda.

After I posted my last message, I had a call from the dealership. The service manager explained that the 'train lining' as he put it was a common problem with run-flat tyres and was due to incorrect tyre pressure. He also explained that the 'loan car' was brand new and the tyres were at the correct pressure and perfectly flat - that was why there was no problem with the steering.

He then told me that the pressure on my front tyres was down and had caused considerable wear to the outer tread - which after I inspected it - certainly was the case. He told me I also needed a wheel alignment. So after the first service, the tyre pressure adjusted and a wheel alignment later I drove home in what felt like a brand new car. I almost called the service manager back to remark on what a difference it had made.

So if there's anyone else out there experiencing the same problem - make sure your tyre pressure is correct. It was also explained that when dealerships take delivery of the 1-series (not sure if this is across all BMW models) the pressure is around 28 - which is ideal for the perfect ride - however it dramatically reduces the life of the tyre. He suggested keeping all 4 tyres between 34 - 36. The ride is firmer, but steering is improved and the life of the tyre is extended! Fine by me if the drive home was anything to go by.

I agree with you Rhonda - I think I've found a 'lifer' with BMW. My partner's now seriously considering an X3 3.0 Diesel and when the time comes, say 18months time, I'll update 'Black Betty' (as I've named her) to a new 325i Coupe.

I may be mistaken, but I think I read here, or perhaps it was on another site - a comment made which was directed at all of the unhappy 1-series owners and I think he hit the nail on the head. "They had simply just bought the wrong car for them."