8th Jun 2007, 18:09

Hi Peter

I agree with your last comment good call I just don't think it was the right car for a lot of people who had a 1 series. I would recommend the X3 diesel turbo as I have driven it before and its the best that have driven in a while, I was going to get that one they only had a demo and I know that it has been thrashed by a lot of customers, but then I had to wait for one also they don't come in manual so opted for a petrol instead and love it to. I really think diesel is the way to go these days especially with fuel prices now a days, but you need fuel anyway nice chatting enjoy your one series.


18th Oct 2007, 00:22

Has anyone heard if the new 2008 135i will have resolved some of the issues mentioned in previous comments?

18th Oct 2007, 09:01

Hi there I doubt that 135 will have the issue resolved.

My neighbour bought a 335 personally I think its not that fast.

I think you should look other brand.. if you really want bmw make sure you think carefully.

I mean don't get me wrong I love those night owl lights, very characteristic design, but I think BMW have lost the drivability, the dynamic, the communication between driver and car. I hate the new steering system.



Original 130 owner.

31st Oct 2007, 05:44


In terms of the peculiar steering, tram lining and uneven tyre wear people are reporting, this is all down to a particular brand of runflat. If you have a look at the offending tyres, I'm sure you'll find they are Pirelli Eufori's. I had these on my second 1 series (120d), and they were absolutely awful. The dealer tried to fob me off with incorrect tyre pressures when I got feathered edges on the front and uneven wear on the back, but I had checked them monthly. Also I had never curbed the wheels. In the end the went halves on new tyres. I had only gotten 12,000 miles before needing a new set! The replacement tyes were excellent for the remainder of the time I had the car - Bridgestone RE050 runflats. To give you an idea of how bad those old Pirellis were, I have had my new 130 MSport for a year now with brilliant Goodyear NCT5's. I drive it the same roads (mostly on motorways to work, but drive even harder on the twisties and accelerate much harder) I'm just coming up to replacing the rears for the fist time and have 33,000 miles on the clock - the best wear I have ever experienced - especially for such a powerful car.

My advice would be steer clear of the Pirelli's at all costs. Stick with Goodyear NCT5s or Bridgestone RE050's and experience massive improvement in handling, grip with a fraction of the wear!

3rd Mar 2008, 02:36

Squeaking? what squeaking! I listen to my Ipod at 95 dB, so I've never noticed any squeaking. LOL.

Got 35,000 km already on my 120i sport edition and still loving it.

Great service from the dealer (friend of mine works there).

True that the Pirelli's are not that good. Changed mine for Michelin after 20,000 km. and the drive is smoother. (35 pressure on all tires, checks every 2 weeks) I take the highway quite a lot every week.

By year's end, I think I'll move up to a 3-door 130M. I like the extra punch, and it sure looks pretty.


18th Jun 2008, 04:50

I bought a 135i, it is fantastic and unlike subaru drivers I will have a residual value, not look like a drug dealer or someone with a complex or having mid-life crisis.

Timed 0-62 at 5.0 dead and following engine upgrade to 362bhp and 421 lb/ft has dropped to 4.5 seconds.

Grip vs handling - no contest for those with balls.

13th Aug 2008, 03:37

Hi, I bought a 2006 130i Msport in blue with 20k miles on it, I did 7k miles in 3 months and then unfortunately had an accident in the rain on the motorway. Airbags went off and the car was destroyed but myself and my passenger walked away without a scratch, this is a VERY safe car. Euro NCAP 5 stars - I now know what that means!

I have now sold my 3 series touring and my 911 and have bought another 2006 130i M sport (in black this time) and it's a wonderful car. It's very economical for a 3 litre when you are cruising on the motorway and yet very very quick and agile on the back roads. The steering feel is fantastic, the steering is wonderful (not the Active steering, which is awful), the seats are supremely comfortable and for myself, my partner, and our three dogs it is the perfect "family" car.

It's built well (though some early 1'ers were not) and is very comfortable, though the runflat tyres do crash about a bit.

My criticisms? The runflats don't grip well in the wet and are very heavy tyres (you can feel this when you're driving) and affect the ride on high frequency low impact bumps, the lack of a limited slip differential, and a small fuel tank.

Admittedly, if you ditch the runflats and put normal tyres on the need for a LSD is significantly reduced though, and the ride improves considerably.

As for the fuel tank, I still get 300 miles from each tank on average, and can stretch this to 400 miles on a gentle motorway run (75mph cruise control).

4th Apr 2009, 16:42


I got a 120i and I'm having the window rubber noise. Can anyone tell me where can I buy the fabric tape to apply? Where exactly do I apply it? Between the chassis and the rubber or between the rubber and the glass window?



27th Sep 2009, 10:02

Got exactly the same problem as Ricardo. Please, any advice? Thank you.