1982 BMW 3 Series 315 1.6 from Finland


The BMW 315 is a reliable and cheap car and you can still feel the BMW quality


The rear "stabilization rubbers" was heavily worn at 236000 km.

The instrument panel has broken at several places.

The fuel consumption has become a bit too high (at 260000 km)

The seats are badly worn.

Rust below rear windows.

General Comments:

The car starts perfectly even when it was -25 degrees Celsius (-13 Fahrenheit)

It goes very smoothly on gravel roads. The suspension is very good.

Lack of 5th gear results in high rpm at higher speeds.

The car is very durable. It went many laps around a rally course and nothing broke.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2003

1982 BMW 3 Series (austalian specs) 1.8i from Australia and New Zealand


A good priced stylish little car!


Hazard Light switch needed to be replaced, but this was a simple job.

Drivers seat needed to be reconditioned.

Dash is cracked as car has been a country car in Australian heat somewhere. This may be replaced in time, at the moment a dash mat is both providing protection, and hiding it from view.

Paint on the hood and roof is also slightly cracked, as mentioned before from the harsh conditions it has had to bare.

Speakers seem to be a bit touchy. As the previous owners have replaced the original radio with a holden one for some reason. New speakers and Cd player will be installed soon.

Mechanically this car is in fantastic condition!

General Comments:

This is my first car, although I have driven my parents Ford Fairlane previously.

It's a great little car, great for around the city, but speedy enough for long drives.

A good car if you want something cheaper, and therefore you need to go for an older car, but at the same time want to maintain some style and comfort!

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Review Date: 12th August, 2003

1982 BMW 3 Series 320i Turbo 1.8L Century turbo from North America


A high performance classic


-Ignition switch went out. I thought it was the starter at first, so I replaced the starter, then the ignition switch.

-New battery. It didn't have one when I bought it.

-New seats. Old ones were shot, so I got a complete new set of black leather ones from Pick-N-Pull. The were in perfect shape except for 1 tear along a seam. Plus it only cost me $25.00!

-Replaced the master cylinder at 180,000 miles. This was the killer, read below.

-There are a few cracks in the dash from the California sun, but nothing that's not easily fixable.

-normal oil and filter maintenance.

General Comments:

I bought the car from some guy who had to move it for $150.00. I put a new battery in it, started it up and drove away! I later found out it had a rare turbo system on it, so that made it even better!

This is an EXTREMELY fast car. With the turbo it really picks up and goes. I did some research and found out it was part of a package deal from the dealer and it also includes the front and rear sway bars and a front air dam. All in all, this car really hugs the road. This is a perfect example of a true autobahn raider. I love this car to death!

The only real problem I had with it was that about 6 months after I got it white smoke started to pour out of the exhaust whenever I stopped. I spent months trying to find the problem to no avail. Finally I decided to sell it, and one of the people looking at it knew what the problem was. It was simply one of the seals in the master cylinder went bad. It ended up dumping brake fluid directly into the intake manifold whenever I pressed on the brakes. So I replaced the master cylinder, and now we're back in business.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2002

23rd Aug 2006, 13:11

I am impressed with your find. I too own a BMW 320i, I am curious to know if you can tell me or send me pictures of the turbo? I am trying to do this upgrade on my 320 and need some pics with details. I appreciate the help and KUDOS to you!


P.S. my Email is :uzer_4_life@yahoo.com