1984 BMW 3 Series 318i 1.8 from North America


My idle control valve went.

I had to replace the exhaust system.

Alternator had to be replaced.

I have a lot of rust on the car.

Right now the car won't turn over. I have charged the battery and may replace the alternator. But I am not sure if I have an electrical problem or a starter problem.

I need new front seats.

My windshield wipers don't work.

The speedometer stopped at 164000 miles.

General Comments:

The car has been good to me over the years. I have had it since 1996.

The car need a new paint job and new seats.

The battery keeps dying, I thought I needed a new alternator, but now the car won't start, even when I jump the car. It doesn't make any noise when I try to start the car.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2008

1984 BMW 3 Series 318i 1.8 gasoline injected from North America


I love this car!


The front spoiler and brake duct fell off a little bit on the right side. Had to replace both with spare parts that came with the car.

Brakes and/or tires vibrate on slowing from 50 mph or more. Tires shimmy a tiny bit 60mph or more.

Some dash lights flash or cut out intermittently. Nothing serious.

Temp gauge comes in and out of its own accord. Kinda worrisome.

Driveline rattles in first gear.

Seats breaking down, had to be covered. Should be replaced. Sunroof crank is broken, so you have to finagle the handle to get it open or closed.

General Comments:

I love this car. I drive it daily, usually take it out for spins on the weekend, drive it just to drive it, take dates out in it. I like driving it more than my roommate's 2008 Mustang convertible (we share the cars and the payments...)

Completely rust free, sat in the California sun its whole life, so the paint is flaking, but no rust. Interior is very nice, held up great! Drives nice, but a little bit of a fixer upper.

No blind spots. More glass than the Crystal Cathedral. Parking and driving in town is a breeze, leaves tons of space in the garage, nips in and out of traffic, because you know where all the corners are so you know how much space you need.

Girls love it! They call it "cute" which would offend me, except that guys call it "sick" so I know it works for both lovin' and hangin out.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2008

1984 BMW 3 Series 325e"s" inline 6 2.7L from North America


The car is excellent


-Front sport leather seats are a LITTLE worn.

-I had to fix the fuel pressure reg.

Nothing else.

General Comments:

Car is great for a 84.

The interior is in excellent condition.

Motor still pulls very hard.

Car handles very well for the original 84 suspension. I plan on replacing this soon.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2007

20th Jan 2007, 09:38

I assume you mean this car is a 325es.

I had a 1984 325e and it was outrageously reliable and fun to drive, delivered great gas mileage (on regular!), and had low maintenance costs. I wish BMW would offer more cars like this, simple yet effective, but the new 3 series has become bloated and more of an autobahn cruiser than a fun handler.

But my 325e brought me into the BMW fold, and I have owned four more including a 528i I did European delivery on.

21st Jan 2007, 11:43

There was no such model of 325es for 84. The 325es only started in 86.

21st Jan 2007, 19:16

That's why I said it was a 325e "s" It came with all the "s" features from the dealer, but they weren't titled 325es until 86 like you said. I have an 1986 325e also. These cars are great.

30th Dec 2010, 22:32

I have owned a 1984 e(s) for the past 22 years that has over 300,000 miles, has had the engine re-built and I've had it painted twice. It looks like a brand-new car, because I wash and wax it constantly. I bought it for $10,000, and I have MORE than gotten my moneys worth out of it. Of course the real secret to my success is a good independent mechanic (that speaks German and understands the culture). When I used to go to dealers for service, it always seemed that I would have to go back 2 weeks later because something else went wrong. Funny thing that hasn't happened since.