1984 BMW 3 Series 325e 2.7L Inline-6 from North America


A reliable and cheap sporty sedan with a tip of the hat to fuel economy


Valve stem oil seals.

Shock absorber.

Idle control valve.

General Comments:

The vehicles handling is superb.

The brakes slow the vehicle down very quickly.

Acceleration is somewhat tepid although that can be fixed easily and cheaply.

This is a reliable car, but it is somewhat maintenance intensive. Perfect vehicle for a person that is mechanically inclined, as I would suggest you do all the work on it yourself. Its much cheaper that way and the car is very simple to work on anyway.

Valve adjustments need to be performed approximately every 30,000 miles.

Problem areas with these vehicles are... rear sub frame bushings, rear shock tower mounts, control arm bushings, drive shaft flex disc, and control arm ball joints.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2006

1984 BMW 3 Series 325 e 2.7 inline 6 gas from North America


These are great used cars that you can keep for years


Driver seat was worn badly when purchased (not a big deal really) I never fixed it and use a seat cover.

Fan clutch went at 174000 miles. It was relatively cheap to fix.

Air Conditioner went at 250000 miles. I had it inspected and it just needs to be recharged. Not bad for a quarter million miles!

The rear differential had a whiny noise when I purchased it and I never bothered to fix it. A mechanic told me it would cost about $500 to fix, but it still works fine.

Rear quarter panels have rusted. Be sure to have these cars undercoated. The rest of the car is relatively rust free and in excellent condition.

General Comments:

This car has relatively low horsepower, but high torque and it accelerates very well. Not only that, but it gets amazing fuel economy. I can get 30 miles per gallon out of this car on the highway while driving 75 mph.

It has a limited slip differential and is not bad in the snow with a good set of snow tires.

In the summer months I put 195/60 R14 directional sport tires on it and it still handles amazingly well. It's truly a fun car to drive.

I had it painted 5 years ago because the original paint was fading and it looks new. People can't believe it's an 84.

I hardly do anything maintenance wise to this car except regular oil changes, timing belt etc.

I've seen people on Internet forums with the same car with over 300,000 miles and they report that they still work great. Looking forward to keeping this car until it dies, if it ever dies.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006

10th Mar 2006, 19:04

I don't believe the 325 was made in '83. It would be a 320 in that case.

11th Mar 2006, 01:53

Even though the above comment is generally true, the e30 series was in fact launched in Germany in Oct of 83.

On a side note, I am on my 2nd e30, an 88 325is. I drive it only in the summer for a few hundred miles per year... I do this to keep the seals conditioned and in great overall shape. The 325es I had before this car was very different, and was purrrffect for highway use. But when you wanted to race a Civic, forget it! those 325 e cars got lef tin the dust when running all stock gear.

IMHO, there's nothing better than a nice e30 for its' simplicity, serviceability, performance, features (for it's time), low maintenance costs (when service is done by the owner) and durability, it cannot be beat by any other Euro car of it's time!! I honestly challenge any other manufacturer to offer something comparable to this for an 80's car!!

23rd Sep 2010, 18:50

My 1984 318i is quite simply the best vehicle I have ever owned. Currently at 491,xxx miles and running very strong for a 1.8L engine.

Other than routine maintenance (oil, brakes, exhaust, etc), the only issue I have had is rust around the wheel wells.

Everywhere I go, I get comments on what a great car this is and receive many offers to purchase it from me. I'll never sell my 318i.

I drive this car very hard, and it has never let me down. Maybe not the fastest car on the block, but loads of torque and miles of style. The designers of this vehicle should be very proud of themselves.

I get 35-40 mpg with this car on the highway, which amazes my friends.

I could go on and on about this car (and usually do), but suffice it to say that this is simply the best vehicle ever made.