1985 BMW 3 Series TC Baur 316 (1.8) from Netherlands


Fun car, real head turner


Car didn't idle, had to drill the stationary nozzle a bit bigger.

Replaced the soft top, don't try to get the windshield out without cutting the rubber around it!!!

General Comments:

Restored the car, had to do a lot of welding due to a leaking soft top.

These cars are becoming rare these days, very much fun to drive.

This car is a real head turner, due to its nice green metallic color and lowered suspension (but I should have bought a 325 in stead of a 316!)

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Review Date: 26th October, 2003

8th Jul 2007, 06:08

The 323i TC Baur is the much rarer one. They are a real head turner - nice car to drive.

1985 BMW 3 Series 325E 2.7 Litre from North America


Cheap, fast, reliable car


The on-board computer lights went out, but were a cheap fix.

The leather seats are worn, but not as much as you would expect from a car from this genre or mileage.

Other than routine service this car has not had many problems.

General Comments:

The 2.7 liter 6 cylinder is peppy and responsive considering its 4,500 RPM red-line. Gas efficiency and power in one nice package. Car achieves 25 miles per gallon, not too bad for a 6.

The handling is very nice on this car, easy to take exit ramps at 60 miles per hour without any fear of the rear-end coming out from under you.

I would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2003

1985 BMW 3 Series 316i 1.6i petrol from UK and Ireland


Budget Style


One thing - The rear diff gave up. - Not financially worth repairing after that.

General Comments:

A comfortable and classy car.

By no means a sports car, but a quiet and pleasant motorway cruiser.

A little heavy on the petrol, especially around town.

The rear diffs are the Achilles heel of this car. To an older BM like this, not in pristine condition, unless you have garage facilities to repair it yourself, it is not cost-effective.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2003

1985 BMW 3 Series 318i 1.8 fuel injected from Australia and New Zealand


If only all cars were built so well!


Ignition barrel required repairing, would bring up lights on dash, but not start the car.

Dash lights don't always come on with headlights (usually a slight tap on the instrument display fixes this).

Starter motor plays up, needs repairing/replacing.

Coolant leak at water pump, fixed (for now) with a bottle of "bars leak".

Steering box needs adjusting as there is a lot of free play in the steering.

The seats are tattered and torn in the front, thank goodness for seat covers!

Springs in the seats need repairing as they have broken and the passenger front seat now has a lean to it.

Vinyl bag around the gear shift has disintegrated, and the gear knob was broken so it was replaced with an aftermarket one.

Windscreen acts as a magnet for loose rocks and gravel.

Paint beginning to craze on the roof, but more of a reflection of the previous owners negligence than the paint quality.

Sun visors discoloured by harsh Australian sun.

Sounds a lot, but all fairly minor.

General Comments:

I got this car for an absolute steal, It has a few dents, but was only intended as a reliable run around until I could afford something newer. The problem is I have fallen in love with BMW's!

The cars engine was reconditioned not long before I bought it.

The panel fit and finish is amazing, all shut lines are equal, and the whole car feels drum tight, even tighter than many new cars I've driven.

The four cylinder 1.8 is nothing to get too excited about, but the performance is adequate provided it is linked to the beautiful, sweet, smooth 5 speed manual transmission.

Automatic transmissions ruin this great car.

I have had three friends with these cars, 1 a manual 318i like mine, another an automatic 318i (the most lethargic car I have ever driven) and a 323i automatic (it would have been a rocket if not for that stupid transmission)

One thing I don't like about this car is the slight delay before the power comes, you can floor it and the car only starts rolling for about half a second and no power comes through until about 2000rpm, which can make crossing many lanes of fast moving traffic quite difficult.

Once the car is in motion it picks up power quite well, and keeps marching along smoothly to the red line.

This car was built for cruising, its silent. smooth and stable composure on the open road is amazing for a car of its age.

The tall gearing means theres plenty of high speed ability and makes for very comfortable freeway driving.

Everything feels smooth, the gear shift, the pedals, the steering, even the window winders!

The car is a great handler, (especially with the Pirelli p6000 tyres) about as good as my old car was, and very communicative through the steering too.

These are high quality German cars and even though my example is far from perfect it feels it will last a lifetime. The whole car feels a lot better put together than my last car, a Citroen BX, and is proving to be more reliable too. No Rattles or bits of plastic breaking off everywhere either!!! :P.

The only problem I have now is that I would like a later model car and can't afford a late model BMW. I might just have to settle for a mint condition older beamer, believe me, you get more than a badge when you buy a BMW ;).

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Review Date: 31st July, 2003

20th Jul 2010, 14:58

I think that the comment being made by the user is not accurate. I happen to own a BMW 318i, and it never does those things he just said. If you're a Beamer hater, just back up and buy a different car, period!

28th Feb 2011, 14:16


Those comments were clearly made about HIS BMW. It's fantastic that your 318 has not had any of those concerns, but his has. Hence the review. He did not bag the car out and said he'd buy another.

Fair go mate.