1994 BMW 3 Series 320i M50, 2.0L from United Arab Emirates


Awesome Car..


- Brake light circuit "switch", problem.

- Nothing else.

General Comments:

This is a great car, I like its shape, and design, even after 14 years, the car still talks about itself, BMW engineers know exactly what people wants.

The material the car made of is very good, and lives for a loooong time, I love this car, and I cannot Imagine my self driving non-BMW!

Hoping new models of BMW's, are of the same material quality besides the excellent performance.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2008

1994 BMW 3 Series i from North America


Great car, but beware if you buy it used


The car has an oil leak and I believe it may need a new belt. The a/c was completely redone last summer. The clock display needs a new bulb. I had to replace the motor and transmission mounts. The wheel bearings also need to be worked on.

General Comments:

I have a love/hate relationship with this car. Although I must say that it is more fun to drive and a lot more reliable than my previous car, which by the way was brand new. I bought this car in 2005. I knew better then to buy a used car without first taking it to a mechanic to be evaluated. My advice to all who read this is, if you are buying a used car make sure you take it to an independent dealer or mechanic and let them run a test on the car. This way you will know exactly what you are getting into. Believe me it will be worth the effort.

Had I done that I would not have bought this car. I am exhausted having spent so much money on fixing all the things that have worn out on this car. (nearly three grand in two years) The good news is that the motor and transmission are still running great. Other than having to change parts because of wear and tear I have had no major problems with this vehicle.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2008

13th Feb 2008, 13:33

Every car needs maintenance. You bought it with almost 130k miles, which most cars don't make to. AC probably was scheduled to be replaced at 80 or 100k, belts always were and need to be replaced around 60k.

So all in all not really surprising that you had to pour money into it to get it right.

Now I would also replace thermostat, radiator and hoses.

If it's an automatic, replace the transmission filter and fluid too.

That car could last you 300k + miles. I've seen it many times with these.

3rd Mar 2008, 23:35

Yes these are good cars and worth spending a few dollars on. I have a 14-year-old 318i and have replaced the shocks, all belts once, and some other details because I am a perfectionist. All of these items were pretty cheap and I am planning on keeping the car forever even when I buy something newer because it gets excellent gas mileage, it is paid for, and I know I can rely on it. Good luck with yours, if you take care of the problems now you will not regret it later!

1994 BMW 3 Series 320i Sedan 2.0L straight 6 from North America


Fast, sporty, reliable, fun-to-drive chick magnet :)


High mileage car so be ready...

Dash lights, front suspension, shocks and struts, wheel bearing, steering rack, brakes, heater fan works only on high speed, transmission, VANOS, engine seal was leaking, ignition coils.

General Comments:

Thanks to my mechanic who knows German cars like the back of his hands, this car was brought back to life. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth it.

I absolutely love this car. It is very reliable and goes like mad. I had it chipped, and installed a cold air intake to make it sound nice. Stock muffler has very nice tone under acceleration.

I drive the car very hard and it is my daily driver. I must say it takes a beating and then some. Since the initial repair, nothing has gone wrong and I believe it will stay this way.

The car has 300,000km on it! The engine is still smooth and has plenty of power! Unbelievable! I drove a friend's 2003 330CI and besides the power difference, they both drive pretty much the same; incredible! The car hasn't lost it's magic after all these years.

I particularly love this car for its looks. I mounted 17" deep dish rims which transformed the car completely; it looks lowered even with stock equivalent shocks and struts. A real chick magnet!

I can't stress enough how much I love this car. Take my word, stay away from the E46 and find yourself a real kick E36 and cherish it!

Just to sum up: I never knew what the big deal about BMW was until my friend would not shut up about them. I bought one and never looked back; money well spent. I will definitely buy another E36, and so SHOULD YOU!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2008

11th Feb 2008, 17:33

These are great, dependable, very tough cars. I also own an E36 body style and it has been wonderful for four years now. Don't knock the E46 body style though, it's every bit as good!

12th Feb 2008, 12:00

I am not saying E46 are bad cars, and I do like like the body style and all. However, I don't particularly like the feel; too soft, too many electronics and the steering and responsiveness are just lacking. The E36 is rough, simple and well built... oh and louder too :D.

I wish BMW would make them again; I'd definitely buy one, and I don't think I speak for myself.