1995 BMW 3 Series 320i Touring 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Stylish Estate


Needed a thermostat 1 week after purchase @ 91000 miles and took the car to a BMW Dealer for Inspection 2. The bill was over £700 and including some other minor works. I have never been back since.

The driver's electric window kept sticking and eventually stopped working @ 110000 miles. Fixed by a BMW Specialist. I don't think I could afford to own a BMW if it was not for them.

The central locking kept making a buzzing noise when operated @ 115000 miles. I worked out the noise was coming from the petrol filler cap housing and disconnected it from the central locking circuit. No more buzzing sound.

There is a knocking noise coming from the fan when operated at low setting. The BMW specialist told me it is probably in need of a new fan which will no cost a lot to put right.

General Comments:

The performance and handling from this car is shocking for an estate car. The 150 horses scream when pushed and really pump up the adrenalin. The steering is spot on. The car goes where you point it. The Z chassis performs well in the wet and I have never lost the tail end. I have taken on newer sports cars and thrashed them at the lights and round bends. Forget about listed performance tables, drive one to know one.

The leather seats are very comfortable and supportive.

Space in the car is a premium. Legroom in the front and the back is compromised, but the boot is reasonable for a small BMW. If you and your family are tall, the 5 Series would be better suited for you.

No rattles except for the sunroof which occasionally rattles, but is put right by pressing it firmly and releasing it.

I advise anyone intending on buying this car to make sure it has a creditable service history and has been well maintained regardless of cost.

The fuel economy may not be as good as newer models, but it still returns 34 mpg combined if driven sensibly.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2009

24th Jan 2009, 03:26

Hi I have just had an oil change service and the Bmw Specialist in Birmingham also checked the fan. For some reason the fan does not make the clicking noise anymore it was making before. Has anybody else had this happen to their e36 before?

1995 BMW 3 Series 328i 2.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Best car I have owned yet!


Loose wheel-bearing - just one of those things.

Headlining peeling - common on these, just an aesthetic issue.

General Comments:

Bought with both problems, wheel bearing nut needed tightening, bit of cleaning, loctite and a punch to lock it in to fix.

Headlining can wait.

Because of the potential for these to bankrupt you if anything goes wrong, I have D.I.Y'd the following.

New water pump, new spark plugs, new oil and filter, cleaned out original air filter, checked a/c and regassed. New audio, head unit, front and rear speakers, sub.

This car is smooth and quiet. Not the quickest off the mark, but whilst on the move the 5sp auto changes beautifully, only just over 2k when at 100km/hr. Everything works. Handles well, steering nice. Full leather seats are nice as is the full electric adjustability. It's all good, can't complain about the handling / performance / NVH. The auto is one of the best I have driven, and I like manuals.

Not so good... trying to update the audio system which is useless. Trying to change anything is a nightmare.i.e speaker sizes are all propriety items, so be inventive. Hopefully someone has done this for you already before you buy or you are very handy with tools etc.

The A/C is hopeless compared to Japanese offerings in general, not very cold and takes awhile to get going (mine is perfect by the way) but relatively hopeless.

Parts are not especially expensive, or maintenance, as the cars are straight forward really.

Buy one, but read the information out there, there is a BMW for everyone out there. I wanted a 328i for the history of that model, and bar the M3, it was THE 3 series to have in my youth. MPG can be better than the 318i, so if you can't afford an M3, don't bother with the baby 318i and if you can stretch it go 328i. My mum has a 320i, and I like mine a whole lot better simply for the extra urge with trivial difference in MPG.

Join a BMW club and get info first!!

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Review Date: 12th January, 2009

12th Jan 2009, 12:15

I've just bought a 328i after having a 318ti for 18 months. The 328 is on a par with the ti for fuel economy around town, and is a lot better than the ti for fuel on the motorway. It's also a lot bloody quicker than I was expecting. 5 stars.