1996 BMW 3 Series 328is 2.8 Litre Straight Six from Australia and New Zealand


The ultimate luxury sleeper on a budget..


Headlight blew, replaced all bulbs in rear lights as they looked abit corroded.

Haven't taken car for full service yet, as only have owned for 2 months. Needs tyres.

General Comments:

This is my second BMW. My previous car was an e30 325i convertible, and after much deliberation I traded in on this 328i Coupe. I have nothing, but praise for the car. Admittedly, it has a full bmw service history, and one previous owner, but it is just fabulous.

The acceleration for a stock car is amazing, rivalling many V8's a turbo cars. The vanos system is brilliant for providing low down torque, and then it just keeps pulling to the redline...! It handles quite well, with a good blend of softer comfort and stiffness for the twisty stuff. Interior perfectly designed for me, with good seat positioning (could do with more tilt/reach adjustment on steering wheel), and good access into rear seats. Boot/trunk is very big. Fantastic fuel economy, which continues to stun especially with rising fuel costs, and reliable electrics inside the cabin - despite remote locking I use the key as when you hold in lock position, it automatically closes windows and sunroof! which is a nifty feature...

Leather on drivers seat is beginning to wear, but other seats the leather is like new, completely unblemished.

Overall, this is the most satisfying of cars I have ever owned (this is my 6th car in my relatively short driving history), and surprisingly affordable to run for a University/College student's budget. I would highly recommend this model, if you can find a good straight version with a full service history.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2006

12th Sep 2008, 10:49

Only downfall is the parts are quite expensive and the servicing can be quite high from a BMW specialist. But definitely worth it. Only thing I've had to replace is the plastic brace that holds the radiator hose to the radiator - common problem with the e36 - approx $200 for parts and lab. It doesn't have cruise control, which kind of a bit disappointing on long trips (Thinks this might be standard on the exec models)

I've owned my 328is coupe for over a year now - couldn't fault it. I couldn't recommend a better car for under $20K. Brilliant performance and quite economical (averaging around 9.1 - 9.5 km to 100k's - current Aus (Vic) petrol price is $1.50 litre) which is quite impressive for the performance (200hp - 147Kw) Insurance on these isn't too bad, depending on the area - $760 a year.

Overall the Bmw 328 is an extremely reliable well built automobile that really does live up to its name as a real drivers car. Highly recommended.

1996 BMW 3 Series 1.9L from North America


Heating stopped working after only a couple times using it. Expensive to repair.

General Comments:

Other than one major problem this car has is luxurious and preety fast. I would recommend this car to anyone.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2006

1996 BMW 3 Series 328i 2.8 from North America


Superb engineering for a such a low price tag.


Replaced original 1-3 cyl. O2 sensor at 126,000 miles.

Break light circuit problem randomly shows on computer. Plan to replace break light switch to solve problem.

Radio display lost its back lighting so you have to put light on it if you need to see it.

General Comments:

After restoring and driving my 1966 mustang for four years I was in the market for a modern car. I paid 4000$ for this two owner car from a private seller. The asking price was 5000$ and I told him that I would pay 4000$ and he quickly showed me the palm of his hand, I had the title within 15 minutes of seeing the car!

I have been nothing but impressed with this car. I worked at Enterprise car rental for 2 years driving the complete line of brand new cars and the 125,000 mile, 10 year old car out performs most all the cars in the fleet.

The road feel of any BMW is very unique. The car has a heavy, responsive, and secure feeling about it. Body roll is a bit more than a sports car in the stock configuration, but then again this is not an "is" or an "M" so I am satisfied. Overall the handling is excellent for a 4 door car under 10,000$. I just got back from a 700 mile trip and averaged 30 mpg with a/c on doing 80 mph. Set the cruise, direct the steering, relax and let the bimmer do the rest, great road car!

The acceleration and deceleration is also just as impressive. I think it would give my old mustang a good straight line run, and for sure stop better! The ABS system is more effective than you find in other cars. It responds quicker and is less intrusive. The pulse is a lot more fluid like than the slow clatter of other makes. This car will make you feel nice consistent g's from 0-100 mph.

For the interior the rear foot room is tight for adults, but I am 6'3" so I usually have the front seat at the extent of its range and rarely have passengers anyway. The A/C takes a while before it cools off the cab, but then the climate control can take over and works flawlessly. The 6 disc changer in the trunk is bragging rights, but is inconvenient. The stereo has a nice clear sound with multiple speakers, but lacks the low end power as with most factory units. The one-touch windows are very handy AND the windows and sun-roof can be closed with the key from the outside.

The on board computer is a great addition. Being an engineer I was always figuring consumption, range, ETA, avg. speed and now its all done for me. It also has nice functions like a code lock-out for the ignition that can be set, as well as an audible beep you pass a self set speed. It will tell you if you have exterior light failure or low fluids.

Parts for BMWs are just a bit more than the domestics, but I believe the quality is better. As for maintenance I recommend investing in a code reading tool and finding DIY pages on-line to avoid the high price of the dealers.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2006

27th Apr 2009, 20:17

Great review, we also have the same car, a 96 4 door 5 speed 2.8l and it is a great car. Ours does a bit better on fuel; 34mpg mixed driving (and we live in the back woods of NH) and the one time that we filled the tank with mpg in mind we managed 38MPG!!! (Back roads driving).

The car is incredible reliability wise, we have put nothing but oil and gas in for the last 20,000 (car now has 120,xxx). The only complaint we have on the car is the limiter BMW puts in the clutch to prevent hard dumps (probably a good thing).